FEATURE: A Love for Creating Jewelry Becomes a Life’s Passion

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A Love for Creating Jewelry Becomes a Life’s Passion

By Meredith Kay

Somebody once told me that “art is created when someone expresses themselves uniquely in an attempt to share and connect with others.” Regardless of the medium, we are all artistic in one way or another. Some of us are born with a gift that may be realized in childhood, but for others, artistic expression may come when we least expect to discover it within ourselves. Wearing jewelry is a form of artistic expression that extends from the art of creating the jewelry itself, and when hand-crafted, a jewelry piece can become a treasured work of art, celebrated and enjoyed for generations to come.


Jalisa Murray
Shetler Fine Jewelers

Jenny Forks
J. Forks Designs

Daniela Cavazos Madrigal
Fruity Poms


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