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What services does your practice offer? 

We specialize in Prosthodontics, which includes specialized training in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. 

Our goal is to do conservative dental treatments to save and prolong the life of your teeth.

We focus on smile makeovers, which can include veneers, crowns, and clear aligners to straighten teeth. 

We also take care of patients who may need dental implants to replace one or all missing teeth.

How often should patients visit their dentist? 

We do recommend visiting your dentist at least twice a year to have your hygiene visits and periodic oral examination, x-rays, and oral cancer screening. But, it may vary depending on the patient’s oral habits, dental hygiene, and medical conditions. The purpose of regular visits is to prevent and to detect early stages of cavities and other oral diseases to maintain a healthy smile.

What new treatment options are you excited about?

Having the ability to design and create same-day ceramic crowns, veneers, and porcelain fillings with digital dental scanners has changed the way dentistry is being done. This new technology can save more tooth structure, which prolongs the life of your teeth and helps our aging population maintain their teeth for longer periods. Although there is more stress in our lives, we have seen an increase in dental wear due to several factors, including more clenching and grinding of our teeth due to stress-triggered factors. With new scanner technology, we can add the tooth structure that has been lost in a very conservative way by creating a “bite lift” that helps our patients regain their function and dental appearance.

5 Star Dental Group

Gilberto Tostado and Karina Acuna Malo

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