Tips for Visiting Wineries

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  • Plan your Visit! With a multitude of wine-tasting options available in the Texas Hill Country, planning your day or weekend can feel daunting. Private tasting or tour? Pets allowed? Adult atmosphere? Working vineyards? Large groups? Each winery allows and specializes in different offerings. is an amazing planning tool. Use the filter to select what is important to you and choose from a personalized list. They also offer a map view of wineries to help you plan your route.
  • If you can, visit during the week for a quieter, more intimate experience.
  • Make reservations. Select your preferred experiences and avoid risking a wait.
  • No more than 3 in a day & break for lunch. This will give you ample time at each winery and the opportunity to try the local cuisine.
  • Consider hiring professional transportation. can help narrow your search here as well.
  • Dress practically but elevated. Wear comfortable shoes, especially if you plan to tour! Most likely, you will spend time indoors and outdoors.
  • If you plan to go as a group of 6 or more, be sure to check the wineries’ policies. Some wineries specialize in larger groups with more of a party environment, but many don’t.
  • Enjoy yourself, responsibly. Ask questions, try something new, and possibly join a wine club! Many wineries offer special discounts and amenities to their members.


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