Past Cover Woman: Tracy Wolff

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Tracy Wolff with Briscoe Legacy Award

Where are they now?

Tracy Wolff

Cover Woman – March/April 2005

What do you remember most about your experience of being on the cover of San Antonio Woman?

When I created the Hidalgo Foundation in 2002, I set only three goals, but they required raising a great deal of money. Being on the cover helped open doors for those fundraising efforts.

The Hidalgo goals were 1.) Restoring the Bexar County Courthouse; 2.) Creating the Children’s Courts; 3.) Creating the Bibliotech, the first all-digital public library in the U.S. with free online service. Our fourth location opens this fall.

Tell us about your current endeavors and passions?

My greatest passion is helping children and families with issues such as child abuse and family violence. The Children’s Courts have been incredibly successful and have been named a model for our nation. Over the years, we have been able to add programs that help families, including the Drug Court, the College Bound Docket for older foster care children, and the Family Preservation Docket.

I’m honored to serve on the Remember the Alamo Foundation, helping raise funds for the restoration of the Alamo, and along with my husband, was honored with the Briscoe Western Art Museum Legacy Award for our support of its founding and growth.

What do you think San Antonio Woman means for our community?

More than ever, women are very significant to our economy. “San Antonio Woman” is an excellent way for women to connect! Having my work featured helped me reach out to the community, raise funds, and build a reputation of trust and accomplishment. Hopefully, I can continue to help more children and families in the future.


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