So Your Teen Wants to Start Wearing Makeup?



By Dora Vera



When your teen is becoming interested in wearing makeup, I would start by explaining that caring for her skin is the most important thing. Starting her off with an oil or cream cleanser, an alcohol-free toner, and a moisturizer will ensure she has hydrated skin for the makeup application. I personally love the brand Coco Kind. Not only do they pack a lot of their products in glass, but they also don’t have 10+ ingredients you cannot pronounce.


With teens, a little goes a long way! Most applications during these years depend on how much coverage they need, how much time they have, and what their style is. The makeup routine I am going to share will work for just about everyone! 


To start, I recommend doing a light layer of concealer wherever they need the coverage. If one area needs heavier coverage, do not cover the entire face with heavy coverage. Next, they should find a cream blush that works with their skin tone. Cream blushes may be intimidating, but with a small synthetic brush or even their fingers, they can blend a cream blush without problems. Lastly, the lightest amount of translucent powder will be necessary to set the creams and lock in the makeup for longevity. Now that the skin is looking good, they can go to the brows. One of my go-to brow products for the no makeup, makeup look is a tinted brow gel. Anastacia of Beverly Hills and Benefit are two brands that make tinted brow gels. If your teen’s brows already have a lot of color and fullness, then a clear brow gel will be fine! Sometimes brushing your brows is all you need and sometimes we need just a tad bit of color. It all depends on how light or dark their brows are. To complete the look your teen will just need to apply her favorite mascara to accentuate the eyes and a tinted lip balm or gloss that matches their lip tone, and your teen is good to go!

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