Dossier: Kim Gresham Anderson

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Dossier: Kim Gresham Anderson

Name and Title: Kim Gresham, President

Business Name: Anderson Marketing Group

Business Address: 85 NE Loop 410, Suite 501, San Antonio, Texas 78216-5866

Business Phone Number: 210-223-6233

Business Website:

What services do you offer?

We’re idea people and problem solvers. Brands come to us with a problem or a marketing goal, and we take them from initial concept to launch and analytics. We use the right tools to engage the right people, whether we build a new website or do a complete brand refresh. 

What industries does your agency specialize in? 

We serve businesses from every industry across the region—higher education, banking, healthcare, foodservice, B2B, automotive, you name it. What we specialize in is attentive account service, compelling creative, and proven strategies backed by 52 years of experience. 

What are your agency’s greatest strengths? 

Our longevity gives us an edge. We’ve been creating great advertising for over half a century, and very few can claim the depth of expertise that experience gives us. Another strength is the advanced analytic tools we use to focus our digital efforts on the tactics that actually bring in results. 

How would you describe your company culture?

We hustle hard to deliver our best, but we have fun doing it. We’re very flexible as family needs come up because we recognize a great work life starts with a great home life. Management often goes around at the end of the day, encouraging us to get home. You don’t see that everywhere.

What makes your agency unique?

We strive to deliver more than expected. We don’t just launch a campaign and walk away. We are constantly monitoring effectiveness and making adjustments to ensure success.

What new trends in advertising are you excited about?

All these new online communities where people express themselves and share value with the world are interesting to follow. We’re always looking at how we can create content native to these platforms that contributes to the conversation instead of interrupting it.

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