Beauty: Bold Red Lip

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Bending the Budget for Bold Red Lips

Photography: Taylor Lane

Model: Tara Smartnick


Red lipstick is a must have for any makeup collection. Discover both high end and drugstore red lipsticks that deliver drama on any budget!

The Classic

Goldie Red 

Gucci Cosmetics $42 

Fiery Red

Love Me Lipstick 

MAC Cosmetics $22 


Ultra HD Matte 

Revlon $9.99 


Fairest Red 

Besame Cosmetics $28 

Dark Red

Rouge Allure 

Chanel $40 

benefit cosmetics benetint rose lip cheek tint 10 ml

Long Lasting

Lip & Cheek Tint 

Benefit Cosmetics $30 



Amore Lip Creme 

Milani $8.99 


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