At Home Extra: The Best Resale Value For Your Home Improvement

Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost Vs. Value Report shows garage doors have the best resale value among home improvements.

By Randy Oliver 

Among the many home improvement projects that homeowners can undertake, one stands apart for its relatively low cost, instant boost in curb appeal, and great return on investment: new garage doors. 

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, garage door replacement has the highest return on investment of any home improvement project nationwide, recouping an average of 93.8 percent of costs. In an analysis of various markets, the garage door was also the top-rated project in San Antonio, with an average of 95 percent of costs recouped. 

That outstanding return on investment is great news for those thinking about selling their homes and anyone who just wants to enjoy their home more.

A new garage door is one of the best and quickest ways to boost a home’s exterior appeal at a modest cost. After all, garage doors are often used as the primary entrance into most homes, and they can be up to 40% of the front elevation of some homes, which means homeowners can greatly improve the value and curb appeal of their home by just replacing their garage door. 

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Homeowners can choose from an almost endless variety of garage door styles, colors, materials, and insulation values, with price ranges for every budget. Today’s garage doors come in exciting new looks with features that enhance any home’s style, including Modern Contemporary, Craftsman, Tuscany, Ranch, Farmhouse, Colonial, and more. 

A variety of materials are available, such as aluminum, glass, faux wood, real wood, steel with a stained wood look, insulated steel, fiberglass, and even vinyl garage doors for harsh environments. Doors are also available using specialty materials, including reclaimed barn wood, Corten steel, composite faux wood materials, and full-view aluminum garage doors with a variety of insulated and non-insulated glass panels. 

Here in South Texas, insulated garage doors are increasingly popular. Insulation not only helps keep garages more comfortable but also helps prevent harsh temperatures from getting into homes – another money saver for homeowners. 

Don’t forget to upgrade your garage door opener! Technology is allowing homeowners to control their garage door opening systems with their smartphones, eliminating the worry of wondering if the garage door is closed. Making sure the garage door is closed when you’re not home is as simple as a few taps on the phone. New systems even allow delivery drivers to open the garage door and place packages safely inside the garage before closing it. 

See for yourself how a garage door can quickly, easily, and affordably boost your home’s look using the online design tool at or call 210-494-3434.

Randy Oliver is the president of Hollywood-Crawford Garage Door Company.

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