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Stephanie Chandler WomenInLaw JulAug2021


Stephanie Chandler

Partner at Jackson Walker


By Blithe Wiley

Photography by David Teran



Growing up in a small Nebraska town, Stephanie Chandler had an innate passion for hard work, holding her first job at age 11. As a finance major in college, she chose law school at University of Virginia as her next step.


Today, Chandler specializes in three areas of law: launching and growing businesses; mergers and acquisitions, especially for family-owned businesses; and advising family offices in their investment activities. She notes that many people think of lawyers as having a courtroom focus, but her role is much more strategic, being a partner to clients in executing on their goals.


Top among her career accomplishments was serving as primary counsel for Corner Store when Valero spun off its retail division in 2013 in a $2.4 billion transaction. One of the most profound legal situations she has worked on was representing the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs after the horrific mass shooting in 2017. 



“We were contacted the day after the shooting,” Chandler explained. “The church had endured such a heartbreaking tragedy. I walked alongside the surviving church members to help them pick up the pieces and meet the church community’s needs.”


Chandler is eager to offer advice to young women who may be considering a legal career. 


“It’s so important to chart your own path,” she explained. “Determine how you can best channel your innate talents. Law is a very flexible career choice that offers so many diverse paths. Find mentors, not just for your career, but for how you can achieve a life well lived.”

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