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 aMAEzing Marketing Group, LLC 

Mae Escobar-Owner & CEO

What types of companies or industries does your agency specialize in? 

When I first left my job with Bank One after 14 years, I was given two great pieces of advice about owning my own business: One – clients pay for talent and time, not just time; and two – variety is the spice of life. aMAEzing Marketing Group has always run the gamut with clients. From small to large, local, and international.

What are the core capabilities of your agency? 

We tend to adjust to the times. When I started the agency, I did a lot of non-profit fundraising. Eventually, we moved into smaller project work and then evolved into larger city-wide and national campaigns. We’ve done it all and do it all!

How would you describe your company’s culture? 

AMG has always worked in the “new normal” – I’ve operated my business from a remote or home office for 17 years. Our employees are contractors that work from their own office space. The talent are former employees of corporations and large agencies. We all share a common vision of entrepreneurship and have the flexibility to balance a work/personal lifestyle. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have great teams over the years. We all have a “corner” office! 

How have the events of the past year changed the way you work with clients? 

It has provided us a chance to review our portfolio and make changes. Not to our structure, but to whom and how we serve. 

How do you get to know your clients and determine the best strategies to help their business grow? 

A lot of one-on-one strategy meetings, research, and data are particularly important as well. Even with long-term clients, time changed quickly in a year. We communicate with the client constantly, monitoring their digital presence and channels of communication, and getting to know the product or service more in-depth is especially important to the success of either a campaign or a long-term contract. 

What is your primary objective in working with your clients?

Partnerships are important. I don’t mean owning a piece of their business; I mean a true partnership. We become a part of their team, not an outside agency. 

Mae Escobar-Owner & CEO

aMAEzing Marketing Group, LLC (AMG)

215 N. Center, Suite 706

(210) 241-6644

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