Is Mindfulness Becoming “The New Thing”?

It is hard to ignore the wave of mindfulness and interest in spiritual evolution that has flooded this planet in the recent years. We see that society is beginning to do a double take at the different spiritual and wellness communities. More and more people are beginning to ask themselves, “why am I here?”. I personally think it’s a sign that we are evolving as a divine species and are ready to collectively move into the next level of spiritual evolution. Things are changing and shifting, and will continue to, this year especially.

This brings me to 2020’s great Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in Aquarius which occurred on the winter solstice. To astrologers and mystics, this marks the beginning of a new era. Great conjunctions happen every 20 years, sparking social shifts. What has been predicted is that things WILL NOT stay the same for this planet. As a collective, we will be experiencing more obstacles which will help us learn to overcome the past and bring forward opportunities to create a brighter and better future.

So, this sudden interest in mindfulness that our planet has been experiencing will grow, and we will see more people who hid their interests in spiritual evolution come out of their cosmic closets to begin their journey towards finding their souls’ purpose. More spiritual teachers will come to the surface and begin guiding.

I don’t think this is just a “new thing”. Times are changing and evolving spiritually. This is the opportunity to sit and ask yourself some very personal, spiritual, and essential questions to get a good idea as to where to begin your souls’ journey and ultimately revealing your souls’ purpose. Here are a few questions to get you started: (This is an opportunity to only think of yourself. Think of you and your life path so far when answering these questions)

· What did I believe in and what was I inspired by as a child?

We can often discover our purpose by starting at the beginning. Before we were molded and conditioned by our parents and what society said was “right” and “wrong” to believe in.

· If no one ever objected to your passions as a child, what would you have pursued?

Make a list of all your answers.

· What are some things that you are gifted in?

It can be as simple as being a great gardener and having the “green thumb” or being an excellent and creative cook. Maybe your thing is your imagination and can create amazing stories! Whatever it is, write it down. You may have many things you’re gifted in. These gifts often are linked to our passions and hearts desires. It can be something small or something big. It really doesn’t matter! Just write it down.

Do people often come to you for advice because you tend to give killer advice?

Maybe your passion and purpose is in counseling, therapy, or teaching. What is your gift? Because that gift, no one can do that thing the way you can! We need your unique skill here! This year is calling for you to rise and take action toward your purpose!

· What are your worst fears?

Digging into your fears, dissecting why they are fears and how they became fears in the first place is called shadow work. You can heal a lot of inner wounds by doing so. Breathe and give yourself room to release any attachments you have to these fears.

Release the things that you tend to deny, suppress, and reject about yourself. Behind the shadows always lies wisdom and treasures which help guide you to your souls’ purpose.

Practice self-acceptance and authenticity. Stay true to yourself and your heart’s desires.

· What are you dying to do that you haven’t done? What would happen if you left it undone?

· What makes your heart flutter and what makes you smile?

These are just a few questions to get you started. If you need more coaching, contact me on one of my social media pages. You can also view my YouTube channels for more tips! Don’t forget to subscribe for free to my channels so you don’t miss anything and can keep up with my videos!

I hope that you enjoyed this post! If you did, share with others and I will see you soon!


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