5 Tips For Managing Stress and Anxiety During Holidays

Jennifer Barlow Managing stress during the holidays

Be ok with NOT being ok

We often cope with not feeling “OK” by brushing it off. Does this really help? In my opinion, no! You are rejecting something that will eventually rise up again. Why not just flow through it now? Every experience and emotion has something to teach us about ourselves! When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, sit with those feelings for a bit and journal about it. What are these feelings telling you? Oftentimes, we can detect what needs to be realigned by acknowledging and identifying the root cause of our stress and anxiety. In order for us to know, we must be ok with not being ok, acknowledge that we have this discomfort and work with it, not reject it and sweep it under the rug. When you’re not feeling your greatest, it’s ok to acknowledge that those feelings are your reality at a certain time.

Calm yourself and be ok with asking for assistance

One of the reasons we stress is because we attempt to figure out the future. Although, it is something we catch ourselves doing naturally, like planning, it shouldn’t come at the expense of our inner peace and happiness. Be realistic about how much you can actually take on. Emotionally, mentally, physically, and even spiritually. Only say “yes” to the people, experiences, and things that are a definite “yes!” To automatically feel unsure, is a clear sign that you need to stop, think, and reconsider. It may not be in alignment for you right now and not the best path for you to take at the moment… or ever. IT IS OK TO SAY NO and come to it at a later time.

There will be times where certain responsibilities can’t be avoided. IT’S OK TO ASK FOR HELP so that you can pace yourself, won’t get overwhelmed, and can work with clarity and focus. Take the time to gather yourself. When you’re able to express and communicate your needs, those around you and the Universe respond accordingly. We all have that little voice in the back of our mind telling us, ” if you want to come out strong and successful, do it all now! Get it done!”.  The truth is, you really don’t have to do it all. True success happens when you’re at peace.


What I love to tell my clients is that Mother Earth is our literal mother. Think about it. She heals us through her air, plants, trees, and herbs. She cleans us, feeds us, and even shelters us. She is our foundation! Everything she does, she does regardless of who we are. She loves us unconditionally. This is why Mother Earth is my go-to for support, grounding and peace. She’s kind of like Mary Poppins! She has everything we need! She pours us a spoon full of beauty, love, peace and creativity. The reflection we see in the water, of ourselves, she’s teaching us to love ourselves and to be at peace with ourselves. She teaches us so much. Just like a mother should!

I encourage you to find your spot in nature and let your imagination go wild. Pick flowers, create something magical in your yard, like planting or creating something with stones and herbs. Get in touch with your inner child. Do you see anything in the clouds? Just breathe.

Protect your peace with metaphysical tools

Did you know there are gemstones, herbs, and oils that can help with reducing stress and anxiety?

Here are a few of my favorites:

Clear Quartz – A powerful peace maker and mental clarity gemstone.

Amethyst – A crown chakra stone. Promotes peace of mind and calmness.

Celestite – A throat chakra stone that is so comforting, it’s like an angelic blanket. It helps you to release worry and fear. A great one to meditate with and gain clear communication from the Angels.

Bloodstone – A root and heart chakra gemstone that is a mixture of red and green jasper. This gem brings grounding, alignment, and good health. It heals the mind, body, and spirit.

Rose Essence– promotes love, compassion, and calms the nerves. If you want to bring in some loving and positive energy into your home and within yourself, wear a few drops of rose oil.

Sandalwood – Centers the mind, is great for meditation, and purifies your energy and space of negative and low energies.

Tuberose – Very calming and instills a deep sense of peace. Relaxes the mind and body.

To learn more about metaphysical tools such as healing gemstones and oils, check out my book HERE.

Check in with yourself

As a collective, we can integrate into our lives a practice of “peace checks” with ourselves. A way to detect when we need some self-care. We can activate a built in awareness that detects when we have reached the edge. This is to help us prevent things born in stress and anxiety from manifesting physically, like an ailment or illness. Sometimes we know we have gone OVER the edge because we have a sudden outburst. We can do better by practicing daily peace checks. A peace check is any practice that teaches embodiment, self regulation skills, and self-awareness, such as yoga and breath work (which is actually yoga, too). It only takes 5 minutes a day of breath work and yoga. This gets your energy moving and flowing. Oftentimes when we are feeling stressed and anxious, that tells us there’s some stagnant energy that needs to be moved. Moving the breath and moving the body (with intention) can help release any stuck energy.

Have fun with this! Dedicate a journal just to your peace checks and other mindfulness practices you do to help manage your stress and anxiety. Writing everything down is only one way to release what no longer serves us.

Times are challenging right now and we are in need, as a collective, of stress management. One of my spiritual leadership mentors once said, ” There are some things we can delay, but for those things that we can’t, remember, life always has a master plan and only asks that we trust its way. Life is to be trusted, not understood.”


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