5 Intentions to Set for 2021

5 Intentions to Set for 2021 – A year of rebirth, progress, growth, and inner power

2021 is just around the corner! This means people are thinking about what their New Year’s resolutions are going to be. We often hear the same old thing, “I will lose weight!” and  “I will make healthier decisions!” Those are great, however, I challenge you to think of more than just yourself this year. Think outside the box! Let’s think about what our planet needs right now. The collective is in a state of shock, uncertainty, and anxiety. 2020 hasn’t exactly been a relaxing time for us. It’s been very difficult and isolating.
In numerology, 2020 was a 4 year and the shape of the year was a square. Think about the square ..  there are no smooth or easy rounded areas. 4 also represents creating a new foundation and it warns us to be careful with our thoughts, as we tend to manifest quickly with our thoughts. If you are not aware of how manifestation works … check out my youtube channel HERE
It will not only help you in the long run but, it will also help the collective! 
4 is also the number of creating space and helps us to see what is really important. We were allowed a significant amount of time and space to reflect on the things that matter the most. By doing that, you’ve created your own foundation. You’ve laid the tiles down. Now, how will those ideas and thoughts that truly matter to you become stronger this coming year? Whatever they are.
2021 is a 5 year, the shape is pentagon. What does this mean for our year ahead? Change, freedom, spiritual transformation, and the breaking of old habits which are no longer in alignment with our souls path. Now, we are talking about the year… not just one person. This means change, freedom, and the breaking of old habits, and spiritual transformation as a COLLECTIVE! We will all be going through a series of spiritual lessons this year which will allow us to see what things in our lives need to be let go, released, make us question our purpose, and it will take us back to the drawing board. This time, draw out a plan of action to support your soul’s purpose. Not sure how? Book a reading with me HERE and we’ll figure out your first step in that direction. 
5 is the number of prosperity and attraction. We will be paving the way for prosperity of all kinds this year. Prosperity in love, health, wealth, wisdom, and power. Funny how those are 5 things … 😉   
5 is also about breaking the chains from our wrists and ankles and experiencing financial freedom. Does this mean it will magically appear for you? No. You have to first recognize the things, mind sets and people who are restricting you. Break from that and run to financial freedom, my friend. There is enough for you, me, your entire neighborhood, my babysitter from 20 years ago, and… well… everyone! Claim your success! When you succeed, you create an opportunity for others around you to succeed! In that way, you help the collective. Lead by example! Let others see you succeed so that you inspire them to succeed.
When I see 555, I know I am in alignment with prosperity. Numerology is so much more than what people realize. There is so much wisdom that can be gained. I encourage you to explore that area and learn more about numerology. You’ll be so happy you did!
Below, I’m sharing 5 intentions you can set this year. Focusing on intentions and what our heart desires, help to bring forth those things and situations into reality. So really focus on the intentions. I encourage you to add to these intentions! Make it unique to you!
1) I will create more resiliency relative to my needs.
This year in particular, look out for the people who are in alignment with greed and destruction. These people will show up and they are only looking after themselves. They will try to manipulate you and try to use your needs as a leverage to control you into doing what’s in their best interests. 
2) I am powerful! 
Power struggle is real in our society. This connects to the first intention, too. Remember, no one actually has power over you. See yourself as the Queen or King who rules your kingdom (body, mind, spirit, and life path). Defend your kingdom and set limits to support your freedom! Don’t be afraid to say no to the things, people and situations that do not align with your path. Specifically in January, June and December, we will struggle with freedom, power, and control. Suit up now. Know what it is you want. Set boundaries. Prepare! “The Saturn-Uranus square will upset the status quo because we need to reinvent ourselves. Start reinventing yourself by choosing something you wish you were free to do or be. Then set limits on the things that stop you from doing it. Say yes to your heart and make it happen.” – 2021 Astrology with Athena Perakkis PhD
3) I will make smarter financial decisions!
Don’t be afraid to learn about money this coming year. Invest your energy into it. In fact, as you are, I encourage you to learn about The 7 Hermetic Principles here: 
The 7 Hermetic principles teaches us to rewire your brain. Why is this important to money? What I have come to find with clients and in my own personal experiences is that some of us struggle to manifest more money flow because of our mindset and beliefs toward money. Understand that our conscious practices and subconscious practices (the thoughts you tell yourself) are important. It’s mainly your subconscious thoughts that talk you out of staying positive, talk you out of making the BEST choices for yourself, talk you out of taking leaps of faith, and passing by opportunities that come your way, as well as many other helpful paths that could have helped you to succeed. Our subconscious tends to place fear within us. “Well it’s on sale! I’m practically making money.” You know, those thoughts that actually don’t help us to “save”, or maybe it’s having instilled limited beliefs when it comes to money. Where we feel as if we see someone else having what we want, we automatically feel there is less of that thing for us- which is NOT TRUE! There is enough for you, me, and everyone else.  
Maybe you grew up poorly and now you hold tight to money and don’t want to be generous because you feel like you’ll lose everything that you have. THAT IS NOT TRUE and is a limited belief. 
Limited beliefs are taught to us by our parents growing up, or caregivers. And also taught to us by life experiences. Where we rightfully feel the need to shut down. The 7 hermetic principles will teach you how to break those old habits and limited beliefs. 
Be careful with what you tell yourself, because it creates a limited belief system and causes blocks which will make it even more difficult for you to manifest financial prosperity into your life.
Remember, you can be prosperous in many areas of your life. Hence the Hamsa sacred symbol. In the Hindu tradition, the Hamsa sign symbolizes being prosperous in love, wealth, health, power, and wisdom. It also represents the 5 senses. Notice the 5 there too!
4) As I receive, I will also practice giving!  
In order to be in the right flow this year with prosperity, practice giving! Give to your favorite charities! Give with no expectation of getting something in return! When I think of prosperity I think of currency like the current! The waves of prosperity flow to me, then through me, then onto the next person. Creating this healthy and prosperous cycle of prosperity. Don’t be afraid to share and feel the waves of prosperity flow through you and then to someone else! You are helping others to be prosperous when you just allow, and you are helping yourself to stay in the flow of prosperity when you do! Don’t let it run dry by holding onto prosperity for the fear of running out! You’ll find that you run into major blocks when you do.
Also, be aware of those that don’t wish this for you, it tells you more about them than it does about you. Stay away from those people and wish them love.
5) I will break the habit of being myself!
You’re probably saying, “what?!” I recommend a book by Dr. Joe Despenza called, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.” You can find it on Amazon or Audible. 
You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life.

A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.

In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, renowned author, speaker, researcher, and chiropractor Dr. Joe Dispenza combines the fields of quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to show you what is truly possible.

Not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will be taught the step-by-step tools to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life.'” – Dr. Joe Dispenza

Let this be the book of the year for you! If you have already read it, then reread it and continue to practice the techniques he shares with you. You can also practice The 7 Hermetic Principles I discuss in my youtube channel. 
This year, we are being born into a new era! Think about birth … it’s not exactly rainbows and ponies is it? There are pains and contractions. It’s ok. Breathe. Do yoga. Work through those moments this year with ease and grace. You got this! Just stay focused on these intentions and you will begin to see the light at the end as you are reborn and welcomed into this new world. A new compassionate and understanding person.  
I hope that you enjoyed this read! If you did, hop on over to my youtube channels and subscribe for free to both! There you will find many discussions like this one and more! 
Lady Jenn Barlow
Instagram: @ladyjenn_barlow & @the_divine_crown

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