The Power of WE

Support for one another is crucial during this period when half the time we don’t know if we’re coming or going and a lot of the time we feel as if we are static and unable to move. It seems that everyone is doing the best they know how to navigate these uncharted waters but in addition to self care and preservation, it’s time to get back to raising one another up because it is essential for humankind (and us as individuals) to flourish.
If stemming the tides of polarization and getting back to lifting others up sounds like a daunting task for you, you’re not alone. So many people feel that, not only is the world spinning out of control, their own world is chaotic and unmanageable. No control equals chaos.
Fortunately, our beautiful part of South Central Texas has a fabulous community of individuals, businesses, and organizations who love to collaborate in order to help one another overcome, thrive, and succeed. In order for us to comprehend how small the world really is and how important it is to raise one another up, WE need to create a culture of collaboration not only here, but across the globe.

WE–such a tiny word, yet, jam-packed with meaning. The crux of Room Redux’s motto is, “We are Room Redux”. This phrase is meant wholeheartedly regardless of geographic location. If you talk about Room Redux, spread the word, like and share on social media, volunteer or donate time, furniture or money, then you ARE Room Redux. This creed is also a mindset. It’s often difficult for people to fully grasp the idea and shift their language to include themselves but it is so important! If WE are going to make a difference and change the world, then we need to remember that it is up to all of us–together. This transformation in thinking not only ends up benefiting oneself, but others, as well. Isn’t that phenomenal?

In psychology, we put forth that people tend toward either an internal or external locus of control.  I suggest we all take steps toward an internal locus of control. This shift allows us to have more control over our own lives which then extends out towards other areas of our world. A strong sense of self-efficacy can help us feel more confident in the face of challenges. Banding together by creating relationships (even over Zoom!), volunteering, and giving, can help you become more cognizant that your actions have an impact… not only in your own life, but in the lives of others.

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  1. What an amazing article! WE are Room Redux and WE are a team, in life and our joint passions. I am so grateful to have your support!!

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