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Helping the community has been a part of my identity, for as long as I can recall. Utilizing movement and nature has helped me find peace and a central part of my self-ritual since I was a child. These unique coping skills separated me from many groups.

Discovering a community that accepted me and aligned with my spiritual beliefs proved to be a challenge for an extensive period. Becoming a single mother to my son who has autism while proving to be another obstacle. This path in my life lead me to transition into a life filled with self-discovery and growth.

Despite having a long history filled with spiritual work, yoga never felt like it was for me. But the universe continually gave me signs to dive into my yoga teacher training. Once in training I realized the reason I was led to this training.  With gentle guidance and active research, I began to uncover the healing reciprocal benefits for individuals with autism and their caregivers.

I look forward to sharing these tools with you and your loved ones and to have the opportunity for you (my clients) and to continually teach as I walk down this path with my son.

I feel as if I am finally home, and my passion is to serve you and especially those with unique abilities.

What I Have to Offer:

As I continue to grow spiritually and continue the autism journey with my son, I am still uncovering more and more healing techniques. Techniques that I’m not quite sure have been discovered and some that I came to realize, “oh ok! Someone else has thought of that as well, I’m not the only one!”

I have developed a special way to work with those on the spectrum, by meeting them where they are at and, I am eager to see if my thought process on my ways of teaching, will help the autism community as I foresee it. Having my son’s therapist involved in my unique way of teaching yoga is especially important to me, because I like to hear from the side of the professionals. These professionals think scientifically, as do I, however, my ways of teaching … you need to have an open mind as well, and they have proven to me that, they too can have open minds. I know they are eager to see the results of my workshops and classes and see how my son grows and blossoms into his unique sense of self.

When it comes to teaching those on the spectrum (this includes ADD and ADHD), I am allowing the child to initiate their own learning. I will have them point out which direction to go with yoga. One thing I know for certain is that, those on the spectrum do not think their way through like, they feel their way through life. They have this keen sense of intuition where, they can direct themselves in the direction they know they need to go, in order to come back into their body. Those on the spectrum vibrate at a higher frequency than someone who does not. So, for those who do not, they are already in their body and more grounded. Those on the spectrum, are too high off the ground, they need an anchor, and I believe I can help anchor them back into their body to where they have mental clarity and self-awareness.

“Yoga therapy is a movement therapy that teaches children how to quiet and focus their minds. It builds strength, stability, flexibility, and balance and improves a child’s capacity to perceive and interact within the world; breathing techniques calm the mind and still the body. Through mindfulness practices, your loved one will develop self-awareness. Creative play, yoga games, and partner integration if possible, make yoga therapy fun. Children stretch their imaginations as they stretch their bodies and spirits. Yoga is noncompetitive; partnering in poses and sharing thoughts create a sense of community and elevate self-esteem. Creating an environment that is quiet and spacious prevents overloading the senses. The duration of the sessions, choice of postures, and extent of interaction with others is tailored to the individual. Yoga therapy offers routine and structure, as well as novelty and play. It is a therapy that meets your loved one wherever they uniquely are.” – Louise Goldberg

When it comes to my other yoga classes and workshops, what I have to offer to my clients are unique ways in expanding their awareness and the spiritual side of themselves. They will develop a closer and more compassionate relationship with themselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

A lot of how my practices came together was intuition and listening in meditation. I have come to understand that the way we think, effects the way we live. It really is a matter of understanding how our consciousness and subconscious practices work hand in hand in manifesting our reality. I believe that what we think about ourselves, we become exactly that. I like to say, “As within so without. As above, so below.” – Hermes in Hermeticism. In my workshops and classes, I go deeper into the 7 hermetic principles, and explain to you the importance of the 12 Steps of Acknowledgement. A process I was taught and saw how it can go hand in hand with yoga. In the 12 steps, we acknowledge the uncomfortable things within us that are keeping us from harnessing healthy conscious and subconscious practices. Each sequence is done intentionally. This is hermetic yoga. A new way of understanding yoga and ourselves. Yoga is the journey to authenticity and integration, so are the 7 hermetic principles and the 12 steps of acknowledgement. I once said that yoga is a spiritual sign language. As we move, we are communicating with ourselves, the universe, and The Divine. Each move is a message and every breath are an intention. This is the mindfulness practice everyone needs to know. I am so excited to be sharing these awesome techniques with my clients!

On my site, you can sign up for the Mindfulness on the Spectrum workshop, Yoga for Autism, Mindfulness Practices for Beginners, Yoga Nidra, How to Create a Sacred Space workshop, and Tantric Yoga (right side).  Visit my website for more information.

Here are some fun facts about Lady Jennifer:

  • She really is a Lady and harnesses that title legally in Scotland as she has purchased land to help preserve historical land from being destroyed. In return, she helps save the planet by having trees placed there in her name and save history. Legally, if you own land in Scotland, you are considered a Lady or Lord.
  • She is a history buff! She loves to learn about ancient cultures and medieval history.
  • She loves everything about earth! Over the years, she has developed an appreciation for Mother Earth and is writing a children’s book teaching kids to appreciate Mother Earth as well.
  • Jennifer is an author. She published her first book back in March of 2015. The book is titled ‘The Mystical World of Healing Crystals: A Metaphysical Guide” to help people understand what metaphysics is about. She is currently writing 2 other books!

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