Spring Fashion Accessories

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Spring is here and we are getting ready for lots of fun festivities with the perfect accessories for every occasion. We’ve found two local experts who took design into their own hands, have very successful businesses, and have created some beautiful and functional options.

Nicola Bathie


Jewelry designer and owner of Nicola Bathie Jewelry, Nicola Bathie, combines her love of art and design to create exquisite earrings perfect for spring


IMG 8533How did you get started making jewelry?IMG 8046
In college! Just for fun… I would make my friends jewelry to go out in.

Why did you decide to launch your own label?
The opportunity presented itself, it became very obvious that there was a market and a demand.

What is the creative inspiration for your collection?
Flowers, hands down.

IMG 8728Who are your style icons?IMG 3252
It truly comes from a magnitude of people, but more and more my inspiration is coming less from actual people and more of curate concept stores and the brands themselves. With fashion week happening currently, I have taken lots of cues from Brock Collection, Rodarte, and Ulla Johnson.

What colors/designs are featured in your Spring/Summer 2020 collection?
You will see lots of florals, more colors and mixing of colors than usual.


What are your favorite accessories to wear to Fiesta IMG 3255Events?IMG 5345
Sequins, sparkles, and colors.

What’s next?
What’s your vision for the future of your brand?I hope for the near future I get to see Nicola Bathie grow to places I could never imagine.




Deni Sciano

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Deni Sciano, Owner of SCORE! Game Day Bags wearing her favorite spring colors.

21 H160426 11 NBLU LTBLU LTBLU2255533519When it comes to large crowded events, local law enforcement recommends everyone to carry a clear bag. Most stadiums even require it. Whether you’re going to a parade or a spring sporting event, a clear bag is the way to go.

Luckily, we didn’t have to look far for fashionable clear purses designed for security and convenience. Local, woman-owned, company SCORE! Game Day Bags are perfect for any event. Six of SCORE!’s styles are stadium compliant, and make getting through security lines quick and easy.

Why did you decide to launch your own label?
As I researched my idea over eight months, I realized there were no viable options to buy a cute, designereva small solid clutch w detachable cross body strap forest green yellow gold 9421c451 ea9f 45ee 9755 c03628b71f21


quality bag to match my favorite team color combos. I wanted a designer style handbag that would last through the seasons. Then it came down to style- designing what I liked and knew I would enjoy.

What colors/designs are featured in your Spring/Summer 2020 collection?
SCORE!’s focus for spring and summer are our 5 Pink combinations, as well as, turquoise, blues, and greens.4W1A8395 1

255500294What are your favorite accessories to wear to Fiesta Events?
My outfit is always combinations of bright, spring colors and I accessorize with big, bold jewelry, a flower crown with curly ribbons and my matching SCORE! Game Day Bag.





By Sophie Bauer



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