Frosted Home

What elements define your style?
Classic design with a modern twist – like mixing an acrylic table with a tailored sofa finished with dressmaker details. Look for comfort, style, and a touch of chinoiserie.

What kinds of new innovative spaces that you have created recently?
I’m currently working on a home that is circa 1980s with my Frosted Living partner, Adrianne Frost. It hadn’t been touched since it was built so the remodeling project has been extensive.

What are the hottest styles and/or trends in San Antonio today?
San Antonian’s always love color, and jewel tones like cranberry, deep blue, and emerald green. Soothing, neutral palettes are still holding strong, and some are just opting for pops of color. Classic blue is the Pantone color of the year, so tried and true combinations of blue and white are still playing a big part of home décor.

How do you help me discover and communicate my style to you?
My background is in counseling, not design. I use those skills to explore what helps our clients take pleasure in their homes. Who knows? You might even get a little therapy thrown into the conversation. I recognize how important environment is to a person’s wellbeing, so this helps me identify how a space is going to be used and what elements will help support your lifestyle. Pinterest and other resources help with some initial questions regarding style.

What inspired you?
I’ve always had a passion for decorating homes. I’m not formally trained in design, but was encouraged when reading that one of our city’s most famous architects, O’Neill Ford, never graduated with an architecture degree yet designed countless landmarks. I enjoy the opportunity to work with many local designers on their projects to help them attain their vision for their clients. My PhD dissertation was on women’s career changes at midlife, and I’m living proof that the course of life is constantly evolving, and dreams do come true!

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