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Fashion accessories often conjure up ideas of bracelets, baubles, and bags. We, of course, love a good statement earring, or a fabulous pair of heels. But in recent months we’ve seen fashionistas all over the Alamo City turning their heads toward another trend: hair accessories.

Where scrunchies and an excessive amount of tiny butterfly clips may have resided during our middle school years, we’re now seeing women opting for glamorous pearl barrettes and bold fabric headbands for an added layer of cool to any look. Here are our favorite ways to wear the trend:


Fashion PearlClip


Be it with barrettes or headbands; pearl hair accessories can be worn in the day or night, dressed up or dressed down. Pair with distressed denim and a leather jacket, or a slinky slip dress and heels. The options are endless, and we love seeing the subtle shimmer of these natural wonders.


Fashion TopKnot


Thick Headbands

While I have yet to determine how to incorporate this trend for myself, a bevy of women are taking top knots to a whole other dimension with headbands in various colors, patterns, and designs. The most popular being a center knot on top of the head with loose waves or even a slick low pony to polish off the look.


Fashion OversizedBarrette


Oversized Barrettes

Whereas barrettes used to be a final resort to tame one pesky flyaway, the runways and street styles have been overflowing with extra-large and extra plentiful varieties. More is more, in this case, or bigger is better. Either way, if it feels like a little too much, it’s probably just right.


Fashion decorative


Kitschy & Clever

We’re also seeing hair accessories with wordplay, pop culture references, and a sense of playfulness that hasn’t been present in the category for some time. Use your hair as a conversation starter, and don’t be shy about random placement throughout the hair for added interest.

This look as a whole is very “now,” so we suggest jumping on board with inexpensive options so you can be on the bandwagon without a hefty investment. After all, trends are only with us for a short time before we’ll be on to the next craze.


By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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