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The Riverwalk

It has been a few years since I moved to San Antonio and became a proud San Antonian. Growing up on the coast, a few hours away, was an easy day trip for shopping or a quick family weekend. The Alamo, historic Missions, taking in a play at the Majestic Theatre; not to mention a delicious dinner on the Riverwalk was something we all looked forward to.

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The Alamo

As an adult, I was lucky enough to become an official resident with a job transfer and lived here four years before meeting my San Antonio born husband; eventually contributing to SA’s population with our two kids, both born and bred in the Alamo City.

Proud of my own story of how I came to live in this great city, I always find it interesting about what makes San Antonio so special when meeting new residents that have chosen to live here, as well as those individuals that have remained in their hometown. The reasons cited have varied but all lead to the same conclusion…they, like me, had found their home. Some of the reasons include:

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The Pearl

A Small Town in a Big City 

While it’s true San Antonio is the 2nd most populous city in Texas, it also just happens to be the 7th most populous city in the US. But even though given these impressive rankings, a person can carve out a small community for themselves, while still having access to all the amenities that a big city offers.

Thriving Job Market

Some big companies, such as USAA, Valero, UTSA Health Science Center, and Toyota as well as a significant military presence, enable San Antonio’s unemployment rate of 3.1% to be well below both the national average of 3.6% and the state average of 3.5%.


In a report produced by Texas Dept. of Transportation, San Antonio had only 8 out of the 100 most gridlocked roads in Texas and as our city continues to grow, this number will only increase. However, for comparison, San Antonio is still behind Houston, coming in at a whopping 45 gridlocked roads. Also, the Via Buses, provided by San Antonio’s Transit System, are a primary source of transportation other than the private automobile. Currently, there is construction on IH-10 for installing HOV lanes, which is scheduled for completion late 2019.

The Cultureshutterstock 177456275

Food, music, theatre, nightlife…take your pick! Whether an outing on the city’s park trails or dining at a five-star restaurant on the Riverwalk before attending a Broadway show at the Majestic, you can feel the diverseness of the city and what it has to offer.  And for sports fans, San Antonio is the home to our champion basketball team, The San Antonio Spurs and our minor baseball team, the San Antonio Missions. There are also plenty of historical sites for our resident history buffs, as well as a diverse architectural flare of the different cultures who founded San Antonio.

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Mission Concepción

But the main reason for moving to San Antonio is because of its residents. People are amazed at how friendly our large-small city is. And it is these open arms and big smiles that make a person happy to become a San Antonian, and makes the old guard of SA residents to never want to leave.

So whatever reason brought you to the Alamo City, we are so pleased and honored for you to join our family –  Welcome to San Antonio!

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