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Shannon Malish, Owner

What field of the mental health profession do you work in?

Substance Use Disorder, Addictive Disorders, and Mental Health Disorders.

What is your biggest challenge as a mental health professional?

The patients’ and families’ commitment. Once we have that, we can move mountains.

We have tried everything, and my loved one isn’t getting better – why?

We have found most people with substance use disorder, or mental health disorder have not been able to deal with the underlying issue because they have not gotten the treatment they needed. First, you need a proper diagnosis, and that requires a highly educated and experienced therapist, and a full assessment: biological, psychological, and sociological. Once the assessment is complete, proper therapeutic intervention can be developed and deployed. Sometimes people have depression or anxiety as a result of trauma. The trauma must be addressed. Many see a psychiatrist and are prescribed medications. Genetic testing needs to be a part of this process to see if medications are needed and which ones will work. If there is an imbalance of the brain, that needs to be addressed. Lastly, therapy takes time and commitment. Once you do all of the above, people can get better for good!

How do you recommend someone go about finding a mental health professional?

Focus on your area of need. Read patient reviews and do your research.

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