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Dubbing anything the “it” item of a category can be dangerous. Many times, being an “it” handbag or shoe is not necessarily the key to conventional success. Sales may not even be that great with the everyday consumer. However, those in the fashion industry know this to be true: even if you don’t own the exact item, you will probably own some variation of it, if not this season, then the next. Perhaps your circle of friends and family are not yet sporting these looks, but rest assured their infectious popularity will permeate stylish circles one way or another. These are the trends that have reached a fever pitch in the public eye, and tell us something about the direction fashion is headed.


Mad for Plaid
Herringbone, houndstooth, plaid, all manner of traditional patterns made their way down the runways for the fall collections, and what better way to incorporate this trend than with
a handbag? Balenciaga’s bowling bag silhouette and signature logo emblazoned across the front can be the centerpiece of your outfit when the rest is muted.

The Future is Clear
Silver has been bouncing back in a major way, and we’re now seeing designers take it to a whole other level with holographic materials that play with the light. It’s incredibly Instagram-able, which is almost entirely what makes anything an “it” item anymore. Love it or hate it, this Balmain shoulder bag with chain strap is a showstopper.

Fanny Packs. Really.
Belt bag, saddlebag, hip pack… Call it what you want, but the dreaded fanny pack is reinventing itself and upping its cool factor. This Dior handbag features black calfskin, aged gold-tone metal, and the sneaking suspicion that you’re buying it just because you saw every single major fashion blogger carrying one. It will last for generations, though, so perhaps the trendy splurge is worth it.


Midi Boots
As in past seasons, midi boots in white, knit and patterns will be prevalent. These patent leather Alexander Wang beauties, however, catch the eye in a different way. The high shine finish relays the ‘80s vibes many designers incorporated in their collections, and the subtle heel cut-out adds interest.

Seeing Red
Monochrome red was the overwhelming color choice this season, and mules continue to be a popular shoe silhouette. Combine the two with these Miu Miu slide-ons with a bedazzled heel for a look that can transition from the office to a cocktail party in a cinch.

Dad Sneakers
Some say Louis Vuitton and a bevy of other designers have gone too far with this one, but it may simply be the culmination of the athleisure trend. These sneakers know they look ridiculous, and they don’t care. It’s a statement about exactly how much you’re willing to spend to look hip, no matter the sartorial cost.

So, are we suggesting you sprint out and buy up all six of these selections right this moment? Not necessarily. Take each trend with a grain of salt, and remember most designers fully expect you to water down a trend before it makes it to your closet. Avoid incorporating too many trends into one outfit, and your look will be current without going off the deep end.

By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

Aquila Mendez-Valdez
Fashion & Beauty Editor


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