5 Easy Ways to Celebrate and Acknowledge FIESTA 2018


The Final Four has now been won…. Easter eggs have been found…and April is once again on our calendar fronts. It is time to move forward and ready ourselves for Fiesta 2018. Not only will this be the usual Fiesta celebrations, but it will also be at the time of the city’s Tricenntenial and even more events are on the calendar.

For those who want to participate, but perhaps not go all out, I give your five ideas for consideration:

  1. Wear more color… San Antonio is a colorful city and during April the color is explosive. Now, I am not telling you to dress like a piñata, however, adding a bit more color to your wardrobe can help you get in the spirit of festivities.
  2. With wardrobe in mind, remember one of our Fiesta Battle Cries…Show Us Your Shoes! While you are wearing color, also have fun with your shoes as well. In fact, you may want to check out the multi-colored, leather Fiesta Shoes.   Colorful sandals and bright nail polish will keep you event ready.
  3. Collect medals…a simple and fun way to enjoy Fiesta accessories. Many medals are sold as fund raisers for non-profits or given away at places of business or events. Adding a medal or two to your outfits can help you feel as though you are a part of the celebration.
  4. Learn the History of Fiesta and share it with others. History is powerful and brings understanding to so many of the events and ceremonies during the time of Fiesta.   This is more than just one party after another. There is heritage here for all San Antonio residents.
  5. Finally, plan to attend a few events. There are so many to select from. The Battle of Flowers Parade should be comfortable this year as they begin an earlier launch time of 9:30 AM from Grayson and Broadway. Hopefully, the earlier time will stave off the excessive heat which often occurs during the parade. If you are looking for music, food, fashion, or royalty, there is a Fiesta event on the calendar for you. Just make a choice to try out something new this year and see what you think.

It is a fun, joyful time in our city. Become a participant for 2018 and not just a sideline spectator, you will be glad you did.

Keep Smiling, Everyone!

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