Barbara King

Local Designer for the Everyday Woman

When Barbara King began designing, it was her grandmother who provided the materials. Now she is providing stylish looks for women all over San Antonio, and we caught up with her to find out what’s next for her brand, Lanell Designs.


SAN ANTONIO WOMAN: Hi, Barbara. Thanks for chatting with us today. Tell us, did you always love fashion?

Barbara King: I always loved fashion as a child and always wanted to wear clothes and style my hair in a way that looked different from my peers. When I designed my first dress, I wore it to school and everyone loved it!

SAW: Is there a particular woman you design your clothes for? What is “she” like?

LannellDesignsBK: I design clothes for confident, powerful women. Women who want to feel and look good in what they wear. They come from all walks of life and love to dress in fashionable clothing.

SAW: How does your work differ from other designers in San Antonio? What sets you apart?

BK: My work differs from other San Antonio designers because I make ready-to-wear and also custom clothing. I am a self-taught designer, and everything comes from my head sometimes without even thinking about a particular design. I can come up with a design in my sleep, remember it and wake up the next morning and construct the garment just as I dreamed. I call my talent and skill a gift from God. I believe that is what sets me apart from others.

SAW: What is on the horizon for your business? Any exciting developments to share?

BK: What is on the horizon for my business is to have Lanell Designs known not only in San Antonio but all across the United States. The Original Vandellas from Motown endorsed my fashion line, and that means so much to me. I have had orders from a few ladies in Sigatoka, Fiji. Several women wore my Signature Sheer tops. That’s such a great feeling as a designer.

SAW: What is your vision for your clothes? How do you see them being worn in the future?

BK: My vision for my clothes is for Lanell Designs to become so big and well-known that every woman would want to wear them. I also see my clothes being worn and shown all over the world in the near future.

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Barbara, and for gracing San Antonio with your talent!

By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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  1. I love your style and you are a true designer and artist. Can’t wait to own something that you have made. You would think that since we are blood that I would have something by now. I will admit I am inspired by you and I am using my talents as well. I am happy you are my sister and I am very proud of you. Love you and see you soon.

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