2018’s Top Five Beauty Trends from Head to Toe

As we launch headfirst into a new year, resolutions are rampant, and beauty goals are sprinkled in there, too. We want to be thinner, we want to have better hair, we want to finally nip that adult acne in the bud. The season’s hottest beauty trends have you covered for every inch of your beautiful body – from skin care solutions to voluminous hair in a snap. So you can focus on the resolutions that really matter, like finally learning to play guitar or knit a sweater…


1. Jade Rolling
If you follow any beauty bloggers on Instagram, you may have seen a small green T-shaped tool in their hands as they apply their daily beauty regimen. These little hand- carved pieces of jade are meant to roll over the face and neck, reducing inflammation and helping your products truly penetrate deeply. They are part placebo effect, part actual science, but regardless, they make for a relaxing addition to your daily routine. Find various options with cult-like followings on Amazon, or at your local homeopathic store, and get rolling!

2. Face Oils
It may seem counterintuitive to slather oil all over your clog-prone face, but it turns out that heavy-duty options that slick on and absorb rapidly are the secret to true moisture. Different from a serum, face oils can multitask and provide that dewy look without causing a breakout. High-quality options balance the skin’s natural oil-producing levels, leaving you refreshed and glowing. Our favorite? Sunday Riley’s Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil.

3. Brow Gels & Growth Serums
Oh, you thought the bold brow trend would have faded away by now? No chance, according to the beauty
industry. Anastasia has our favorite formula for brow gels to keep every hair in place, because while bold brows are in, messy ones are not. Some brands have even developed growth serums to take you from thin to thick in no time. So stop plucking, and start with Shisheido’s lash and brow formula to kill two birds with one stone.

4. Dip Nails
Move over, gel manicures, dip nails are the next big thing. Rather than using harsh chemicals and an LED light to cure, the dipping method offered at a growing number of salons around town simply requires a literal “dip” into the powdery color, setting with a simple seal and topcoat – that’s it! It’s simple, takes less time to apply, and won’t damage your nails or skinin the long run. It may be the perfect solution for the downsides of acrylic and gel options.

5. Volume Hair Powders
While dry shampoo is often capable of miracles, it can sometimes build up in the hair and be difficult to apply. Enter hair powder: a lightweight, volume-inducing product that takes only a few puffs to produce Texas-sized volume in even the finest hair. Try Oribe’s cult favorite, Volumizing Swept Up Powder Spray, for instant results. Just a couple of shots to the roots, setting with a round brush and heat, and you’re all set to have your highest hair ever.

2018 promises to be fun and fabulous with cutting-edge beauty technology at your fingertips. It might just be the year you can be your best self, but only time will tell!

By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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