Delicate Decolletage

San Antonio Beauty Professionals Provide Tips For The Care and Maintenance of Your Neck and Chest.

In the tender teenage years, basking in the sun on Spring Break, many of us never thought twice about our neck and chest peeling away after far too much exposure. But as we age, this area tends to deteriorate rapidly, with wrinkles and sagging skin creeping in faster than the speed of light.

We spoke with local beauty professionals to find out what women can do to prevent the aging process for such a delicate zone of the body, and perhaps even turn back the hands of time.

Shine Beautifully Spa owner April Monterrosa says she frequently hears complaints about this area from clients. “They’re worried about age and sun spots, deep lines and wrinkles, and especially crepiness,” she says. “I always suggest PCA chemical peels and glycolic peels to reverse the signs of aging.”

If you’re more the DIY type, April suggests taking Vitamin E to strengthen the skin’s elasticity, quitting smoking and drinking lots of water. “It’s also important to eat healthy foods,” she says. “A better diet gives your body what it needs to stay radiant.”

Dermatologist Dr. Linda Banta of Stone Oak Dermatology says most of her clients are frustrated when the neck area ages even more rapidly than the face. She recommends medical grade sunscreen such as eltaMD or Skin Medica to protect the area. “We also love a brightening agent called Lytera and a good antioxidants serum to reverse the signs of aging and prevent skin cancer,” she says.

For those seeking a more drastic approach, plastic surgeon Dr. Regina Fearmonti warns against internet schemes. “I’ve had clients bring ‘neck tape,’ silicone sheets, and other other online remedies to the office,” she says. “My advice? Save your money.”

For effective cosmetic procedures, she recommends a little Botox, Dysport or Xeomin. “A nice adjunct to these options is laser skin tightening to improve contour,” she says. “Surgery in the form of a neck-lift is sometimes the most cost-effective solution when all else fails.”

When it comes to submental, or under the chin, fat deposits, Dr. Fearmonti suggests a chemical dissolution called Kybella. The injection series helps dissolve unwanted fat deposits in a noninvasive format. Above all, she says, sunscreen and a good retinol cream are always good bets for skin care.

It turns out avoiding the dreaded “turkey neck” takes a bit of prevention, a bit of maintenance and surgery if all else fails. But this holiday season, it’s a relief to know that the “gobbler” at the family get-togethers might only be referring to the one on the dinner table.

By Aquila Mendez-Valdez

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