Having a bad week? Well, I have a little advice to make it better which doesn’t cost a dime and very little time. Encourage or complement people around you. The ones in the checkout line at the grocery, in the cubicle down the hall, in the post office…everywhere you go.

Every woman is beautiful and has beautiful features, but few of us believe it. We tend to focus on the negative and follow every complement with a reason why we cannot accept it. We believe we are old, fat, wrinkled, gray, tired, clothed poorly….you name the negative, women can respond with it with little thought and as if we are programmed to do so.

I love to find the beauty in others and I love the smiles and conversation which often follows, even it is a complete stranger. Encouragement opens doors to friendship and acceptance. Yet, even more powerful, encouragement can heal a bad day. It takes our minds off of our own problems and brings joy when we share a kind word with others.

My advice this week, ladies, is simple. If you are complemented, smile and say thank you.   If you are down, smile and give a complement.   The joy will come back at you.

Working with women most of my day has taught me the power in finding the beauty in every single one!

Thanks for reading and keep smiling!

Pamela Lutrell
San Antonio Woman Editor