San Antonio Beauty: Dressing for your Shape

It Helps to Know Your Body Type

You see the cutest dress being displayed
in the window of your favorite boutique — it looks like it was pulled straight off the runway. You don’t even want to think twice before you grab it. But before you take the plunge and buy this “to die for” piece, it’s important to know if it will work for you and your body type. Finding what to wear to flatter your figure can be a challenge, so knowing what pieces will work best for your shape makes getting dressed a whole lot easier.

Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion should complement those proportions, not hinder them. Each of us is unique, and that means our bodies are all shaped differently.

Generally, most women fall into  one of four body shape categories: hourglass (curvy with a waist), apple (slim lower body with weight carried in midsection), pear (widest part of body is the hips), and banana (approximately the same width at shoulders, waist and hips). Are you sort of an hourglass with a little pear shape too? That’s OK. You might fall
into one category or be a mix of two or more. Before you know what clothes to buy and which styles will look best on you, you’ll need to assess your body and determine which body shape or shapes you are.

With any body shape, try on everything,” says Percy. “You never know what works best for you until you see it on your figure.” Fashion trends are constantly changing, and you don’t have to get rid of your problem areas just to try on a new outfit. Remember that in fashion size doesn’t matter, shape does.

“I think dressing for your shape starts with what you feel confident and comfortable in,” explains Basse. “From there, it’s easy to pinpoint your style and what cuts, colors and shapes work best for you.”

By Kristin Mears


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