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Spring offers the promise of fresh color and new styles for skin and hair when things heat up here in San Antonio. In our search for easy ways to help jump-start your freshened look for the season, we checked in with New York Fashion Week for overall color trends that women here could embrace.
What we discovered was a kaleidoscope of color on faces wearing bronzed skin, red lips and soft pastels in combination with shockingly smoky eyes, all in a color called Marsala, the robust, earthy, wine-red Pantone Color Institute color of the year.

Lindsey Lopez, local makeup artist and owner of Demure Beauty by Lindsey, says, “San Antonio women love their makeup, Texas hair and bling. I love that they are embracing growing trends by customizing them to fit their own unique style and taking these trends to the next level. With these changes, it pushes women to ditch the same old makeup look and dare to go bold. “We are seeing a much more natural, clean complexion, so San Antonio women may want to skip the foundation this spring,” recommends Lopez. She continues, “Tinted moisturizer can even out skin tone and hide any imperfections in the skin. Use a very small amount of concealer afterward, under the eyes and over any areas that you want to conceal, and a cream blush on the face because it adds a natural, subtle and soft look to the skin. Powder blushes can be a little too heavy for a look like this.”

Lopez sees eyes as the area where you can have fun and express yourself through makeup. “We are seeing bold fun colors on the eyes, from blue eyeliner to multicolored mascara. If you find that you are more conservative with makeup, then start small. Use a navy blue, eggplant purple or smoky green eyeliner to replace your usual black and brown one.” As for the lips, brighten things up. “Bold color is what is in. Fire-engine bright red to magenta hot pink on the lips will be your new best friend for spring. Sometimes a shockingly gorgeous colored lip can be the best accessory to your outfit and look,” says Lopez with delight. Don’t overlook the fashion accessory at your fingertips. “Nail art has become a fast-growing trend lately and will continue through spring. Why not have some Swarovski sparkle on those nails? When you look at them, you will have a guaranteed smile,” claims Lopez. She adds, “The sparkle is also showing up on pedicured toes.” Lopez suggests, “Makeup washes off, so have fun with it. Try new colors, get feedback from your girlfriends and beauty professionals to feel comfortable with expanding your makeup wardrobe choices.”


Powder blushes and eye shadow don’t expire. If you’ve had the same shadows for years, most likely they have become faded with less color and intensity. They may also be more prone to crumble or break quickly. The colors over time will lose their vibrancy and have less impact.

Makeup Maintenance Musts by Makeup artist Deborah Amar Schneider

They can dry out and turn pasty or gummy. Keep cream blushes or eye shadows for no longer than six months.

Don’t keep liquid foundation longer than four to six months once opened. Cream-to-powder compact foundations can be kept a little longer. Toss them if they smell bad or if color or texture has changed.

Keep no longer than six to eight weeks. One month is best. Wash wands with shampoo when they get clumpy — you will see an improvement in application. Kevyn Aucoin mascara’s Japanese tube technology basically shrink-wraps each lash to allow for zero flaking or smudging, and it is easily removed with warm water. Makeup artist Deborah Amar Schneider says, “I don’t leave home without it… ever!’

Shampoo your makeup brushes with the shampoo you use for your hair. Do not use dishwashing detergent. Your makeup brushes should have the same shine and luster as your own hair. Don’t get the barrel of the brush wet, just the bristles. To dry, lay them flat or on a downward angle on a towel to avoid any excess water running into the barrel or brush shaft, potentially rusting and deteriorating the glue. Good-quality brushes can last you a lifetime if cared for properly.


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