The Latest Word in Fall Makeup, Hair & Fashion

Big, bold, bright. OR demure. This fall, the range for makeup goes from one extreme to theother.

Overall, make-up can be very heavy or very soft. Red! Lips can be any shade as long as they’re some shade of red. Although true red is preferred, the range goes from bubblegum pink to orange (another big color) to darkest ruby. OR you can choose from nude or beige-y shades, or to use just gloss or stain on your lips.
Brows should be bold, heavy, thick. Draw in individual hairs if you wish. Twiggy’s back, or at least her eyeliner “look” is back. Yes, you can once again draw cat eyes, or “wing-tipped” eyes, or double-line your eyes with liquid eyeliner (both upper and lower). OR you might prefer the softer approach of lightly dusting the eyelids and using no liner or one that’s hardly visible. Grab your mascara wand; it’s time for your close-up. Long, spidery lashes are in style. Also, stubby, clumpy ones. A hint: Don’t let the layers of mascara dry in between applications. Something new (and I’m not so sure better) is to use downward strokes at the ends to give a “sleepy” or “next day” look. To me, it’s more like an after-the-party-is-over-and-I’m-hung-over-and-have-had-no-sleep look.

To continue in this vein, brush some eye shadow under the lower lashes as well. Shadows this season are applied heavily, and many are metallic and/or intense shades of orange, teal, plum, etc. OR, as we said before, barely dust a neutral color on the lids. Cheeks sport bold colors, including that orange mentioned before. There’s also a “rouge gone wrong attack” whereby the placement is different from the usually recommended “apples” of the cheeks. This application starts more towards the ears and runs down past the lips, along the sides of the face. OR you can choose the slightly flushed, more neutral appearance in color and depth of application.

New (old) looks for hair

Hair styles feature ponytails. They are big and poufy, loosey-goosey and generally messy. They can start up high on the head or down low on the neck. They can also be neat and slicked back close to the head on top and the sides. If braids are used, there’s no attempt to make them tight or neat. This look is sometimes referred to as “biker head” because it has a windblown look. Speaking of which, hair “up-dos” like beehives of old are back with all the teasing, but not the spraying, so they’re referred to as “tornado” twists. Hair can also be neat and slicked back, close to the head on top and sides. But wait — there’s more — added to the mix this year are androgynous styles that can either be “butch” because of waxed or slicked-back masculine cuts with sideburns or softer and breezier feminine styles.

Show me your nails! They’ll surely be noticeable with polishes in colors of orange, teals, blues, etc. Match them to your eyes and eye shadows. OR you can choose the nude alternatives, like all the makeup options this year.

What will we be wearing?

Groovy, baby! Here come the ‘70s (again). Fade out the slim-legged pants; bring in the flares, bell-bottoms and even wider-legged pants reminiscent of the Bohemian era. OR return to the sophisticated glamour. You’ll see pleated skirts, longer skirts and dresses (mid-calf to floor-length). These add overall elegance and comfort plus warmth to your ankles and legs. Old-fashioned-looking duster coats, swing coats and military-influenced jackets return. Throw on a knit sweater or a blazer for a totally different look. Although black still rules, look for tartan plaids and bold geometric patterns — graphic lines, color-blocking. Peter Pan collars are back; so are shift dresses and a cropped version of pea coats. Polka dots! Wear them all over or as an accessory, such as a scarf or blouse. Red again! All shades are popular in clothing as well as lips. Bright colors will be available in pants and jeans. (Think red jeans.) Wear them with more subdued blouses and shirts, etc. Other popular subdued shades are variations of yellow, royal blue, teal, pink, plum, jade and rust. Fabrics can be sheer, shiny, metallic, vinyl, plastic, rubber, leather and lure, including knitted versions of these.

Elegant evening gowns and maxi-dresses might be strapless or have interesting necklines encrusted in jewels, sequins or other types of bling. Also reappearing are velvet, brocade and lace accents. Waistlines come back in fitted jackets and figure-hugging dresses. The exception — flapper dresses of the ‘20s, particularly for evening. Arriving with the slicked-back masculine haircuts are man-styled clothing. Fitted suits are back, along with ties; flat-heeled, lace-up “men’s” style shoes and tuxedos for evening. I’m not sure these ever really left. Tux jackets should be fitted and fall just below your hips for a long, lean line. Wear them as formal attire with a traditional white shirt and bow tie or a beautiful blouse underneath, or layer with jeans or tights and a tee-shirt for casual affairs. You’ll want some of the key pieces in your wardrobe in colors of black, white, grey or cream.

Accessories run the gamut

Platform shoes survive, but more feminine pumps with shorter, skinnier heels are appearing together with the longer skirts. Lace-up ankle boots make a comeback. Also great for the longer, flowy skirts. Structured handbags are still around. Accessories include solid, heavier jewelry like wide chokers and collars, cuff bracelets, long pendant necklaces and vintage rings. Did I mention leather harnesses? Yep, you heard me. But this is not the only controversial item trending. How about real fur on clothing? Sure, there’ll be the faux we’ve come to love, so why bring back the real thing? They’ll be using fur as big puffy sleeves, as trim on coats and jackets and in many other ways. Be sure to read the labels and the price tags to make sure you’re making the right decision (faux).

Although “anything goes” this season, designers are said to have emphasized separates, allowing women in these times of economic recovery to update their wardrobes one piece at a time. There seems to be something for everyone: Brights? Neutrals? Pouffy? Slicked back? Plaids? Polka dots? Shiny? Furry? Whatever.

Being a fan of comfort, I’m looking forward to the longer, looser, more forgiving fashions scheduled for this fall and winter.

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