Month: November 2014

Cheryl Ladd: A Star Among Us

When Cheryl Ladd goes grocery shopping in Boerne, she’s usually dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, hoping to blend with the crowd. Invariably, though, someone stops her with “Does anyone tell you you look a lot like Cheryl Ladd?” She tries to deflect further inquiry with a lighthearted response like “Yeah … I get that a lot,” but her real identity is often revealed, provoking excited chitchat or a request for a quick photo. “Generally, people have been warm and welcoming, but also giving me my space,” says Ladd.  “A lot of celebrity has to do with how you deal...

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Lucky Dogs –Women & their dogs

Ten years ago, photographer Marie Langmore rescued an abandoned dog on Austin Highway, hoping to find a good home for him. When there were no takers, Langmore decided to keep him. “He’s the best thing that ever happened in my life,” she says emphatically. “He comes to work with me, and he bonds with clients who also have dogs. One client said to me, ‘I love my dog more than my children.’ That’s how I realized that so many women love their dogs like I love Austin.” That realization inspired her to create a photo series featuring women and...

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Women in Business: A passion for minding their own business

ENTREPRENEUR: An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. There is an undaunted spirit that is required to take on a business venture, to go beyond, or outside of the relatively safe zone of the employed into the outer infinite and mysterious realm of business ownership. In the instance of these four remarkable businesswomen, they hold certain qualities in common though each is quite different. For one thing, none of them set out to start up a company when first setting foot...

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Role Model: Cindy Sebek

Cindy Sebek Age: 35 Personal: Newly engaged to Dirk Quick; also shares her life with Scout, “a great rescue dog.” Occupation: Works in medical sales, simultaneously founder and president of The Gracious Gift. Why she’s a Role Model: Got a charitable company off the ground in record time and did her homework to make it a success. Her own Role Models: “My parents, Craig and Trish Sebek, because they always taught me to do the right thing with integrity and honesty.” Believes that … ”Everybody can make an impact in their own way. If you feel led to do...

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Business Woman Spotlight: Kelly Parrish Walker

Kelly Parrish Walker Vice President of Marketing Parrish & Company/Parrish on Main What do you do? All aspects of marketing, from managing advertising platforms to PR to event planning for our four locations spanning from Round Rock to the Rio Grande Valley. Length of time at this job: 12.5 years. What is it that you like best about your job? I enjoy being able to meet new people every day from all walks of life, but who have one commonality — that they want to love their home; I like the fast-paced building industry and the challenges that come...

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