Month: May 2006

Tending the Family: Dianna Burns-Banks

The little world of childhood … is a model of the greater world. The more intensely the family has stamped its character upon the child, the more it will tend to feel and see its earlier miniature world again in the bigger world of adult life. Carl Gustav Jung Nothing is dearer to the heart of Dianna Burns-Banks, the 2006 president of the Bexar County Medical Society, than family — her own family and the human family. “Money and prestige don’t mean very much compared to family and relationships,” she says. Burns-Banks, founder and co-owner of the South Texas...

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Like Father, Like Daughter

Once upon a time fathers hoped their sons would join the family business and carry on the founder’s legacy, but this is no longer universally true. To be sure, fathers — and mothers — still want their children to succeed them, but nowadays the child to step up to the plate is just as likely to be a daughter as a son. For the three women we profile in this story, joining and/or taking over Dad’s business has been both a challenge and a source of personal and professional fulfillment. THE DEALER PRINCIPAL When Marsha McCombs Shields was a...

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The Look for Less: Consignment and resale shops beat retailers at their own game

It used to be that when people thought of shopping for used clothing or furniture, thrift stores and yard sales came to mind, with well-worn items available for pocket change. That was a generation ago. As consumers, we’ve developed an increasing taste for the finer things in life — designer clothing, furniture and accessories. For some, the markup on the price tag only adds to the allure, but for most of us, it’s more practical to find those luxuries for less. Consignment and resale boutiques rose to meet the opportunity and have all but erased the stigma of buying...

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Bound for Books: Librarian Jackie Caverly reaches out to the next generation of readers

It’s a sunny, breezy Saturday afternoon — a perfect play day, but it might be the only time a young father can bring his toddler son to the library. “Let’s get some books, and we’ll sit down here and read,” the parent proposes. “No!” says the little boy in alarm. “I don’t want to read!” Seated at the next table, a young woman laughs — very quietly, as befits a librarian. She’s Jackie Caverly, manager of the San Pedro branch of the San Antonio Public Library, where the father and son are browsing the children’s department. “We don’t say...

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Living in the Heart of the City

We’ve always been drawn to the energy of what happens downtown,” says local urban dweller Kathy Griesenbeck. She and her attorney husband, Ty, have enjoyed the delights of a spacious condominium overlooking the heart of our city for close to four years. Urban residents have long hailed the freedom from the responsibilities associated with living in a traditional suburban home. It is a freedom confirmed and heartily welcomed by the Griesenbecks — a busy twosome committed to myriad professional and civic endeavors. Kathy is executive director of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. When the couple sold the Terrell Hills...

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