Profile: Margie O’Krent

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A LOVE STORY BY JASMINA WELLINGHOFF PHOTOGRAPHY BY JESSICA GIESEY Margie O’Krent describes her life as a love story. She is referring to her husband, Sam O’Krent, whom she met in high school, married a few years later, and with whom she has weathered life’s joys and sorrows for the past 32 years. One current […]

At Home: A Solid Foundation

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A TEXAS COUPLE RETURN TO SET DOWN ROOTS IN OLMOS PARK In 2011, native Texans Lauren and Jay Bullock were preparing to leave New York City, where they had lived for the last decade for Bermuda, when they were asked about relocating to San Antonio instead. They jumped at the opportunity to raise their young […]

Making a Great First Impression


First impressions. You only get one shot, and most people will judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. We’re all guilty of committing a wardrobe faux pas or initiating an awkward moment in these situations. Making an assured first impression is incredibly important and necessary in gaining relationships and exuding self-confidence from […]

Health: What the Experts Say About Breast Reconstruction


BUILDING CONFIDENCE AFTER A MASTECTOMY BY PAMELA LUTRELL Whether or not to pursue reconstruction after a mastectomy of one or more breasts is a difficult decision breast cancer patients face. Because of all the medical factors involved, many women decide not to reconstruct. However, most admit reconstruction is critical to building hope, joy, confidence and […]