Starfish in Southtown

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Stylish restaurant swims in a new direction Draped nets and fishing floats and tempest-tossed lifesavers … the temptation must be great. I refer to the décor of so many knee-jerk seafood joints around the world — the aquatic equivalent of the serape-and-sombrero motifs that once defined Mexican restaurants. But like the campesino-under-the-cactus cliché, sensibilities are […]

The Wine Bottle

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Exploring the variations in size, shape and color. Wine bottles are available in a variety of different shapes, colors and sizes. The standard size of a wine bottle is 750 mL (25 ounces), but bottles can be as large as 500 ounces (the Nebuchadnezzar, a rare large-format bottle). The three most common bottle shapes are […]

Lofty contemporary in Alamo Heights

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’50s ranch house gets new look Suzanne Cavender frequently found herself walking her dogs on LaJara Boulevard, wondering if it was time to move from the Lincoln Heights home she shared with husband Rick. They’d raised their daughters there, built a good life, but the interior designer in her was restless. “It was like reaching […]

All the right moves

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  Ballet San Antonio comes into its own Ballet San Antonio’s president and executive director Courtney Barker has long wanted her company to play a part in the revitalization of downtown, and this fall a big part of that plan is becoming reality. Together with the San Antonio Symphony and the new opera company, BSA […]

The Fresh New Face of Fredericksburg

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  But don’t forget the old attractions. Folks who haven’t visited Fredericksburg lately might think there’s nothing new under the Gillespie County sun, but they’d be wrong. There’s a fresh new breeze blowing through the Texas Hill Country, bringing with it new businesses, shops, restaurants, wineries, spas and lodging. No longer settling for its quaint […]