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Hair Trends of 2024

Hair Trends of 2024: An Expert’s Guide to Identifying the Ideal Style for You By Alix Mane von Broock  |  Photography by Quantz Portrait   The world of hair trends is an ever-changing landscape, constantly evolving and adapting to the current zeitgeist. In 2024, the trends are diverse, exciting, and …

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Dr. Murphy

Give Us 3 Months…

Give Us 3 Months… We Will Give You Ten Years!! By Bill Murphy, MD, Medical Director, Turquoise Springs Medical Spa   The aesthetic fellowship training experience I completed just over five years ago was replete with tips and stories from many different experts from around the world. One of my …

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Our Body: A Self-Healing Machine

By Bill Murphy, MD Medical Director, Turquoise Springs Medical Spa Constantly, our body restores, heals, rebuilds, and replaces itself at the cellular and metabolic level. Once, sleep was thought to be only a state of unconsciousness, but now we know 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary to move short-term learned …

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Drinking Water…but Are You Hydrated??

By Bill Murphy, MD, Medical Director, Turquoise Springs Medical Spa Eye drops for dry eyes, pills to stop itching and dizziness, and doctor visits for ringing of the ears and headaches. Dry skin, dry mouth, bad breath, constipation, and feeling tired all the time? Would you be surprised to learn …

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We All Love Sunshine

By Bill Murphy MD, Medical Director, Turquoise Springs Medical Spa My favorite poet, Jimmy Buffett, wrote in his song, “Sunshine” the following lyrics:  “Sunshine, Can’t get enough sunshine, I’m following the sunshine, Beating down on me.  I never even mind the rain,  But life’s really driving me insane,  Here’s my …

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