Summer in Santa Fe



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Summer in Santa Fe

Your Guide to the “City Different” From a San Antonio Woman

By Taylor Lane


To drive or to fly? That is usually the first question when planning a New Mexico trip, specifically to Santa Fe. While there is an airport in nearby Albuquerque, I always prefer to make the drive through West Texas and into the desert. At under eleven hours (around 700 miles for those measuring distance non-Texan), it’s a straight shot from San Antonio to the “City Different.” A city well worth the trip.


The quintessential adobe structures, colorful textiles, and red chiles hanging at every corner come to mind when thinking of Santa Fe. The Pueblo architecture saturating the city makes you feel much farther from home, but the rich history and culture really set it apart. Some of that history takes root at La Posada de Santa Fe Resort & Spa. As the first art gallery established in a city known for a top-tier art scene, it’s no surprise that the walls of the common areas are filled with vibrant paintings from well-known artists. With the help of their dedicated art curator and artist, Sara Eyestone, La Posada de Santa Fe has continued to be influential in the art arena.




We spent five days at the resort and loved every second! The wonderful lobby bar and restaurant lounge (order the steak frites!), accompanied by a quiet library stocked with board games to be played with a glass of wine or morning coffee, were a hit. The peaceful outdoor seating area and lawn also offered a place to unwind at the end of each day. A short walk from the main square, it’s easy to get around with or without a vehicle.


La Posada Patio Restaurant


My favorite thing in the city is exploring the galleries and shops on Canyon Road. Don’t wait too long to get started, as most close early in the day. If you think this might be your jam, plan for an extra day on Canyon Road in case you want to see more. Our first day started at the Western end of the stretch, and day two kicked off farther East at The Teahouse, near the beautiful 4Kinship boutique.


The Railyard District is relatively new to Santa Fe. Described as the “epicenter for diverse local markets,” you can find something unique every day of the week! Weekend farmers and artisan markets happen year-round, and the Tuesday market runs from May – December. Check their calendar before you go to see what will be happening while you are there. We got our green chile stew fix at Nuckolls – complete with live music and a great crowd.


Summer is festival season in Santa Fe! Santa Fe Art Week, Native American Fashion Week, and the Chamber Music Festival (among many others) are some of the highly anticipated events rolling out as the weather warms up. The last weekend in June marks the kickoff to the Santa Fe Opera season. If you can make it to a performance, it is a truly world-renowned immersive experience. Another must-do activity this season in the New Mexico elevation is hitting the hiking trails and hot springs!




If you are looking for a caffeine fix, we highly recommend CrashMurderBusiness. Stellar espresso, the most unique coffee and tea elixirs, and an intimate setting – right next door to Chocolate + Cashmere Local. Stock up on food and drinks “for the room” at Kaune’s Neighborhood Market, and grab a chopped salad while you are there! You can’t leave Santa Fe without indulging in the chile-forward cuisine. Iconic restaurants include The Shed, Cafe Pasquals, Del Charro, and Coyote Cafe. If you can’t handle the heat or want to try something unexpected, we recommend Dumpling Tea & Dim Sum! Hand-pulled noodles made fresh in the front of house and family-style seating make this eatery a unique (and delicious) spot to hit on your trip.


With so many things to do in one city, we recommend you take it slow, pick a few of your favorite things for this trip, and plan on returning for more next year. Cheers!



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