Cathy Haffner, Senior Vice President, Senior Private Client Advisor

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Texas Capital Bank

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What sets you apart from other Private Bankers?  

What sets me apart from other Private Bankers is that I view my role as a “financial coach” — focusing on all aspects of my client’s financial life, including banking, credit, investments, insurance, and how to plan a financial legacy for the next generation. A coach provides guidance that is unique to that person — or in my case, my clients and their families — to reach the goals they aspire to achieve — a vacation home in the mountains or by the water, the boat, or planning for the lifestyle they want in retirement. 

How do you define success in working with your clients? 

Success means that my clients have “peace of mind” — they understand the path to achieve their financial goals and can sleep at night knowing my team is doing what’s in their best interest. 

What inspired you to go into your field? 

I’ve seen firsthand how solid planning and investing for the future are essential in achieving family goals. My parents migrated to the US from the Philippines when I was one year old. They achieved their dreams of sending my sisters and me to college, building their dream home with a water view, and owning that red Mercedes. When I had the opportunity to become a Financial Advisor, I was excited to help others build their financial future — with a foundation in financial planning and a wholistic approach to banking, investments, insurance, and estate planning. 

What do you love most about your work? 

The most rewarding part of my work is seeing that smile on a client’s face when we’ve helped to make a dream come true — such as building that dream home in Terrell Hills or The Dominion or setting up that retirement account so they can live the lifestyle. 

Cathy Haffner, Senior Vice President, Senior Private Client Advisor 

Texas Capital Bank – Private Wealth Advisors 

745 E. Mulberry, San Antonio, TX 78212 



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