Q&A With Editor Emeritus Beverly Purcell-Guerra

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Beverly Purcell-Guerra

San Antonio Woman Editor Emeritus & Cover Woman November/December 2012

What I Remember Most About Being Editor of SAN ANTONIO WOMAN and Being on the Cover

As the original editor who started SAN ANTONIO WOMAN, it was a challenge and a pleasure. Our goal was to promote talented women in San Antonio. We featured women who serve our Community, Businesswomen, and Artistic Women. These feature women who contributed to San Antonio also showed what a diverse and exceptional city it is. Then, for our 10th Anniversary issue, I was selected to be on the cover and honored to be considered one of the talented women we usually feature.

What are your current Endeavors and Passions?

I have continued my community involvement and commitment to inform, educate and help people by serving on several committees and boards. They include the Advisory Council for the UTSA College of Sciences, the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance, and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center Foundation, to name a few. Philanthropy and volunteering benefit the giver and the recipient; you feel a sense of pride for being helpful and productive. I have also enjoyed mentoring several young women in the early stages of their careers.

What SAN ANTONIO WOMAN Means to our Community.

The San Antonio Women featured in SA Woman are continually making positive changes in our Community. They support and advance causes and organizations in San Antonio that are important to our Community. I believe that if SAN ANTONIO WOMAN continues to feature strong and accomplished women, it will continue to be an essential magazine in our City.

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