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De Zavala Dental & Northwoods Dental Spa

Dr. Irene Blaess


Photography by Suzanne Pack



What sets your practice apart from other dental practices?

I think we are very personable. Our primary focus is our patient care and how we treat our patients from the moment we speak to them on the phone, walk in the door and schedule their follow-up appointments and treatment.



What are oral health issues most concerning for you?

I treat the whole patient – not necessarily just the teeth- I always realize a human is attached. Sometimes I’m the only
doctor that has seen them in years. A toothache might have been the reason they have come in, but I often find other
issues like sleep apnea (Which we can treat with Dental appliances), Gum disease, gastric reflux, or even high blood
pressure. Many people don’t realize how gastric reflux affects the number of cavities one has.



What types of dental care do you offer?

We are in advanced practice, providing everything from implants, braces, sleep appliances, LANAP (laser-assisted new attachment procedures) – using both Ng: YAG and regular lasers, Aesthetic dentures, veneers, and traditional fillings
and crowns. I do a lot of smile makeovers utilizing In visalign and am now a Platinum Provider – With over 1000
completed cases.



How do you approach patients with dental anxiety?

We try to make appointments stress-free and pain-free. We never belittle anyone and treat them like we would like to be treated. Times patience means something to get them through the door.



How do you approach preventative dentistry?

Preventative dentistry is the best way to save money in a patient’s lifetime.
How do you determine if a patient needs braces? For some patients, it’s just a matter of looks. For others, braces are necessary for better function and to keep from breaking teeth.



How do you handle after-hours emergencies?

In both offices, phones are answered by a front office associate who works at that location. And we can do tele dentistry anytime from anywhere.



De Zavala Dental

5999 De Zavala Rd Suite 122, San Antonio, Texas 78249 | (210) 691-1333 |


Northwoods Dental Spa

18160 San Pedro suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78249 | (210) 495-7800 |

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