Women In Law : Jennifer Zarka

Jennifer Zarka

Women In Law : Jennifer Zarka

Jenny Zarka is a criminal defense attorney.  She started her own law firm immediately upon graduating law school and passing the bar exam in 2013.  Jenny has 2 attorneys and 3 support staff working full time in her firm with her to support the needs of her clients.  They work their cases from every possible angle- motions, hearings, and trials to protect the rights of people accused of crimes.

Jenny went to St. Mary’s University School of Law thinking she would become a civil lawyer.  However, she participated in the criminal defense clinic while in her third year of law school and fell in love with criminal defense.  

Jenny fiercely believes in the constitutional mandate that supports her job as a criminal defense lawyer.  Every citizen accused is entitled to a zealous advocate on his/her side throughout a criminal prosecution.

Although only in practice for a little more than 8 years now, Jenny has tried more than 40 cases.  Jenny has secured Not Guilty verdicts in several serious felony cases.  She has also received acquittals in many misdemeanor cases.  Jenny has also procured dismissals in nine cases for violation of speedy trial rights.  Jenny and her team will do whatever it takes to achieve the best possible outcome for each of her clients.

Jenny serves as Executive Director for the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and is on the Board of Directors for TCDLA.

Jenny is married, for 30 years now, to a frequent expert witness- Tony Zarka, who is a pediatric radiologist and child abuse specialist.  They have 1 cat and 2 dogs.

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