Art Beat: Jackie Rodriguez-Navar

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La morena 2

Jackie Navar

Flamenco Dancer 

Jackie Rodriguez-Navar began studying Flamenco at a very early age with San Antonio Parks and Recreation. It was here that she learned how to dance Flamenco, Folklorico, ballet, and jazz. Finding a love for the art of Flamenco through dance class and the guidance of her teacher La Chique (Carmen Linares), she later explored this art form in Spain. 

Jackie Rodriguez-Navar has danced for most of her life. “I love dancing! It makes me happy and allows me to show my emotions through movement, and while it is so personal, sharing it with others is huge.

“I love expressing myself while holding on to the lyrics and guitar of the cantaora and guitarrista. I enjoy sharing the stage with friends and family from San Antonio and visiting artists from Spain, New York, and New Mexico. During a Cuadro, one finds energy, motivation, and passion from the music, songs, jaleos, and palmas, and this brings out the love and emotion from all members on stage.”

Jackie has performed in many productions, including Llanto por Fedrico Garcia Lorca, San Antonio Symphony’s “Sombrero de Tres Picos,” and San Antonio Parks and Recreation’s WeFlamenco Fest. She regularly performs with Los Flamencos de San Antonio with Chayito Champion and Steve Arispe and dancers Sonya Casillas and Jessica Ahr. She enjoys working with all guitarists such as Luis Linares, Alejandro Herrer, Steve Arispe, and Randy Cordero – all of whom played at Carmen’s De La Calle. 

Jackie is passionate about preserving and sharing the art of Flamenco and its traditions, especially through teaching dance. She taught Flamenco to children at San Antonio Dance Academy for over 15 years. And for the past 20 years, she has performed in intimate settings like Carmens De La Calle, one of her favorite places to dance.


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