Dossier: Marketing Initiative Worx

Name and Title: Liz Papagni, CEO

Business Name: Marketing Initiative Worx, Inc.

Business Phone Number: (714) 595-0963

Business Website:

1. In what types of businesses or industries does your agency specialize?

We work primarily with small to mid-tier companies that are looking to take their business to the next level and need the marketing knowledge, expertise, plans, and programs to scale. Whether companies are looking for the next phase of expansion with a new target audience, product, service, or market extension; evolution of an existing business line; needing to solidify a strong company brand for the next generation of leaders, or escalating company valuation for sale, we help drive growth.

2. What services do you offer? 

We provide Fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and agency services across the entire spectrum of marketing, from branding all the way to amplification, with digital, traditional, content, creative, website, and social media strategies as prescribed by the specific needs of our clients.

3. What are the greatest strengths of your agency?

Whether serving as a Fractional CMO or providing agency services, we work first to understand our clients’ business objectives so that all our activities are focused on the business and to convince and convert buyers—never just marketing for the sake of marketing. Our main purpose is to help our clients meet, and even exceed their goals through stellar marketing. Period.

4. How would you describe your company culture?

Our company is rooted in four key values– kindness, compassion, integrity, and always helping others. From our team members, partners, to the clients we serve, we strive to always be present, support our community, build strong, genuine relationships, deliver excellence, and exceed expectations. 

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