ART BEAT: Svetlana Dvoretsky


Svetlana Dvoretsky



Svetlana Dvoretsky 

Producer, Immersive Van Gogh exhibition, Lighthouse Immersive


Photography by Nina Westervelt



Immersive Van Gogh invites audiences to “step inside” the iconic works of post-Impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh, evoking his highly emotional and chaotic inner consciousness through art, light, music, movement and imagination. 


In my role, I am responsible for working with the creative team, led by creator Massimiliano Siccardi and composer Luca Longobardi, to produce content that is reflective of the artist and entices audiences to learn more. Lighthouse Immersive has produced many of these exhibitions that bring renowned works to life, but we also want it to honor the artist’s work by merging art and technology. 


Immersive Van Gogh NYC 18 photo credit Nina Westervelt
Immersive Van Gogh NYC 5 photo credit Nina Westervelt
Immersive Van Gogh NYC 2 photo credit Nina Westervelt



San Antonio has such a rich art culture. It’s a vibrant city with people who appreciate art and creative outlets. The city felt like a natural fit for the Van Gogh exhibit. 


Growing up, I studied piano, but I had a fascination with the management and presentation of artists. When I moved to Toronto from St. Petersburg in the late 90s, I knew that it was something I wanted to pursue professionally. I started working on small projects and eventually encountered violinist-conductor Vladimir Spivakov, and I began to present his concerts throughout Canada, which kickstarted my career in this industry.


Immersive Van Gogh NYC 12 photo credit Nina Westervelt 1
Immersive Van Gogh NYC 20 photo credit Nina Westervelt
Immersive Van Gogh NYC 7 photo credit Nina Westervelt



The arts are my passion. I understand they are what bring us together and make life meaningful. They have been so powerful for me personally, and my mission is to bring them to a larger audience. 


Introducing younger audiences to art and instilling a lifelong passion is one outcome of producing these immersive experiences. Multiple generations enter our spaces daily and are transported to bygone eras in ways they would never get to imagine while still enjoying modern interpretations of a traditional art form. 


The new Lighthouse ArtSpace San Antonio will open at 221 Burleson in Dignowity Hill, a few blocks from the San Antonio Museum of Art, on Thursday, May 26 and will run through Sept. 5, 2022.



Immersive Van Gogh NYC 9 photo credit Nina Westervelt
Immersive Van Gogh NYC 15 photo credit Nina Westervelt

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