At Home Extra : Ideas For Mixing Natural Elements

Ideas For Mixing Natural Elements

When handled well, individual elements of metal and marble deliver an added sense of excitement and style to modern interior spaces. When the two are mixed, an almost endless realm of design possibilities opens. It is important, however, to understand each material and how it fits within the history of design.

Working with Metals

It can be tempting to use only one type or color of metal, but there is nothing wrong with mixing metals in the design to create contrast and visual interest.

Neutral metals work well to add variety in any situation, and by bringing in cool metal and warm metal options, the different metals create an eclectic design. Combining pieces of matte, polished, and hammered metals provides interest in the room. 

That said, it is often best to select one primary metal to use as the dominate element, and choosing other colors and materials to accent the primary color. A reserved approach is key, as mixing too many colors and textures can look disjointed, but don’t forget to have fun and match your own style.

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Metal And Marble

Marble holds a revered position throughout history—be it of art, architecture, or design. Michelangelo used white Italian marble to carve the statue of David; the ancient Greeks used white marble for many temples and places of worship; Danby marble from Vermont graces many historically significant American buildings.

As for metals, bronze doesn’t take a back seat in terms of historical significance. Well beyond the tools and weapons of the Bronze Age, early artists and designers were quick to adopt elements of metal into their designs, both for its durability and beauty.

Today, marble continues to be the star of many contemporary spaces, evoking feelings of refinement and timelessness, and many architects and designers are breaking up traditional uses of marbles with elements of metal to create a sense of gravitas. Pairing the rugged aspect of stone with a smooth, metallic design focal point is definitely a growing design trend.

If you want to pair metal with stone in a way that stands out, look for contrasting tones. The dark honey color of bronze creates a striking contrast with iridescent white marble or grey stone blocks like Carrara Marble or Argento Marble.

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