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Since 1861, for the first time in Hermann Sons Life history, four of the six Executive Officers are women, what does that mean to you? What does it mean for future generations?



Samantha Schulmeier Kelley, Vice President of Operations and COO

Hermann Sons Life in Texas was founded in 1861 by hard-working immigrants who were driven to chase the dream of freedom, while carrying out a dedication to help those around them build strong and successful communities in the face of opposition. Changing the narrative is woven into the earliest fabric of our company culture. The fact that dedicated, driven, hard-working women are being afforded equal opportunities to lead, serve and grow here reflects the same principles our founders held high. In maintaining the importance of these principles, we can continue to remain inclusive in societies landscape, drive change and give everyone the freedom to dream beyond whatever glass ceilings exist, both today and tomorrow.



Robin Czarnek, Vice President of Sales

I firmly believe the person hired for a position should always be the most qualified
candidate regardless of gender, race, etc. and it is thrilling to be able to pave the way for future generations of women to take on the executive roles they were destined for.

While it is exciting to take on an executive role, I am even more determined my role be purpose driven and allow me to make an impact in the community.

I am inspired by the generations of leaders that came before and had the foresight to create such a remarkable organization as Hermann Sons Life. The insurance industry has been known to be archaic in its practices not only in leadership and purposeful direction, but in technology, employee morale, benefits, etc. It is encouraging to see not only Hermann Sons Life, but the industry as a whole make progress in these areas.



Mary Pruitt, Vice President of Finance and CFO

Hermann Sons Life’s breakthrough on diversification in its executive administration is representative of its commitment to inclusivity, not only in its leadership but in its membership.

Serving as the first female Vice President of Finance and CFO is an honor, especially as the first Asian American in an executive role for Hermann Sons Life. These accomplishments are inspirational to my Asian culture. Asian Americans, particularly women, are significantly underrepresented in executive roles within U.S. companies. Being an Asian American woman has multiple disadvantages and they are the least likely to become executives. I am humbly honored and blessed to hold this position as an officer.



Cecily Kelly, Vice President of Member Benefits

As a working mom and wife, I always keep in mind our employees have families and priorities outside of the office so anyone willing to go above and beyond should be acknowledged and celebrated. If we don’t, then we risk losing them as loyal employees.

As a vice president along with three other women holding executive positions, I am proud we have worked our way up in this industry and have learned to not only champion what is best for the business but what is best for all.



Hermann Sons Life offers life insurance and annuity products. Investment income is used for community service initiatives. Members have access to living benefits where you can get the most out of life now.

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