Business Showcase: The Women of Encore Bank




The Women of Encore Bank


Building the Best Team to Serve our Community


By Carole Miller

Photography by David Teran



There’s a new bank in town, and its name is Encore Bank. Encore is making waves in the San Antonio community because of its unique style of “boutique” banking. Many of its employees and customers are also investors. Serving the community and working alongside local businesses, Encore Bank enables everyone to build something together.


Ownership Cultivates Growth

What began in Little Rock as a small enterprise has expanded into 17 different markets. The bank recently completed a capital raise gaining over 1200 shareholders. Such broad ownership is a contrast to the traditional ownership structure of privately held banks. Shareholders naturally bring business back to Encore because they own it and believe in what is being built. This unique opportunity for ownership gives Encore’s team members a chance not just to be employees but to personally invest and become owners themselves.


In the San Antonio office of Encore Bank, most of the team members are women. Senior Vice President of Commercial Banking, Angie Lewis quotes the Encore Bank motto, “We win together,” when explaining her choice to join the team. 


“We are all owners of the bank, and I believe it’s one of the most powerful tools you can give an organization,” she explains. “There’s not a lot of ego here; it’s just about doing what’s right, finding common ground, and treating customers and shareholders with respect.”


Erin Clementson, Vice President Business Development Officer, moved to Encore from another mortgage company because of the entrepreneurial spirit. The opportunity to build something new and get in on the ground floor of an up-and-coming bank was exciting to her.


“Encore Bank is small enough to be nimble and flexible but big enough to get things done,” observes Clementson. “It’s the meshing of two worlds in a special way. It’s easy to sell, and its strong backing gives it stability and confidence.”


“As far as banks go, Encore Bank is different in all the right ways,” adds Alyssa Tamez Lopez, Senior Vice President Mortgage Banker. “This team is an established collection of experienced professionals with like minds.”


Lopez joined Encore Bank because she found the culture appealing. Instead of working like a traditional mortgage lending company trying to fit people into boxes of standardized lending products, she can help more people buy homes with a world of unique portfolio loan products, the best loan rates in the market, and unbelievably great service.


“Why not offer first-class service and be a resource to our growing business community?” she poses.


Angie Lewis sums up the enormous success of the women of Encore Bank, saying, “In a world of inclusion and diversity, it’s not about quotas. Just be open to hiring the best, and they will be diverse and reflect the market you are in.” 



What’s a boutique bank?

Boutique banks most commonly perform primary banking services and specialize in serving a specific industry or market that may not be well served by larger, “bulge bracket” banks. A bulge bracket banking institution is a traditional bank that focuses on serving large corporations and may have a retail banking component. Boutique firms, on the other hand, tend to specialize in meeting the needs of smaller businesses or specific industries. 


Boutique firms like Encore Bank aim to offer more personalized, tailored services in strategic markets. They entered the San Antonio market a year ago and have over 100 local investors. Those investors, along with their experienced bankers, have helped grow the San Antonio market to over $70 million in new funded loans. Angie Castillo, portfolio manager states, “We’ve been able to grow organically, one client at a time. In fact, the best compliments we get are referrals from our existing clients.” Encore’s primary success in San Antonio has been through competitive rates and terms on commercial real estate, commercial and industrial lending, and financing for medical professionals.



Banking with Encore

Encore Bank provides a wide range of financial products and services to businesses, business owners, professionals, and individuals who have a desire for a personalized banking experience. It is a private, boutique bank with a commercial focus, highly experienced and talented bankers with cutting-edge technology. Encore customers enjoy a high level of personal service, just like having your own banking concierge. 


“Encore Bank is about building your business up. We want you to succeed,” promises Encore Bank Chairman and CEO Chris Roberts.


And you can take that promise to the bank.



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