Women in Business: H-E-B Supplier Yvette Robinson

Yvette Robinson

President, Robinson General Contractors

H-E-B Partnering for Success

By Blithe Wiley

Photography by David Teran

For Yvette Robinson, President of Robinson General Contractors, being an entrepreneur is in her blood. Her father and uncle started a home-building business in Laredo when she was young, and she got her start in the business by cleaning the houses, working in the office, and helping with home sales.

“I learned early on that it takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to start a company and to be successful.” 

After Robinson moved to San Antonio in 2009, she noticed there was a niche market for interior remodels. She decided to establish her business to initially focus on these opportunities. Today, Robinson General Contractors, which has been in operation for 11 years, takes on remodeling, finish-out maintenance, and ground-up projects across Texas as well as in Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Robinson began working with H-E-B’s construction department in 2013 and today works on a variety of maintenance and remodeling projects for H-E-B around the state. 

“I think the reason H-E-B continues to use our company for its remodeling and maintenance projects is that we are very project-focused, and we emphasize keeping the lines of communication open,” she said. “Also, we get the job done on time and on budget.”

“It gives me great pride to work with a company like H-E-B,” she said. “To me, H-E-B IS Texas.”

Robinson said what she most admires about H-E-B is that they give local companies like hers opportunities to shine and grow.

“Just for them to give our company and me the opportunity to work with them means so much to me – especially as a woman and as a Latina in this historically male-dominated industry. My heart is full,” she said.

Robinson says that her company’s values of diversity and supporting local companies mirror H-E-B’s values.

“I love to honor local companies by buying local and supporting local. You have to take an active role in your community by doing this,” she said.

Robinson makes a point to reach out to the local Chambers of Commerce in cities and towns where her company has projects to get referrals for local companies to reach out to for subcontract work. “We emphasize using local companies wherever we work to help support those local communities.”

Robinson also is quick to point out that she can’t take all the credit for her company’s success. 

“We wouldn’t be in business for 11 years without the wonderful team we have,” she explained. “They are the ‘boots on the ground,’ and they are the people who make Robinson General Contractors what it is today.”

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