Profile: Brenda Stewart, Reaching Neighbors

Brenda Stewart

President, Reaching Neighbors

Brenda Stewart founded Reaching Neighbors 20 years ago using her expertise in sales and marketing, as well as her leadership in direct marketing innovation. The company is focused on helping clients of all industries and sizes implement consistent, high‐value postcards communications to strengthen and lengthen their customer relationships. Over the years, Reaching Neighbors has developed a special emphasis on customer relationship management for professionals in the real estate, mortgage and insurance industries. Reaching Neighbors boasts top level client support and a unique flair for implementing strategies that enable clients to mine their customer relationships for value, referrals, and recurring revenue over the long term.

Why focus on your customer database? Because relational selling is EVERYTHING! Whether you are a realtor, lender or small business owner, your customer database is your best asset. Call today to find out how Reaching Neighbors can help turn this asset into GOLD!

Reaching Neighbors

16719 Huebner Rd, Bldg 2
San Antonio, Texas 78248

Office (210) 496-6352
Mobile (210) 387-3210

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