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Lisa B. Masters, DDS, MS

Masters Dental Group


I am a periodontist practicing in the Post-COVID world. Each one of us has experienced loss, whether it was a friend or family member who suffered from COVID-19 infection or the business losses we experienced while we were shut down. I feel we have evolved into more tolerant and compassionate healthcare providers. Dentistry as a whole has changed. We protect ourselves by wearing N-95 protective masks that seal out airborne viral particles, as well as the ability to breathe fresh air. This sacrifice is well worth the inconvenience. COVID-19 has not been spread from dental healthcare personnel to patients and vice versa. The added personal protective gear is allowing us to provide much-needed dental care even when we are positioned so close to the patient’s respiratory system. Patients who are returning to dental offices have extensive needs. While we hunkered down with Netflix and baked goods, dental decay and periodontal disease were active and destructive. Our goals for 2021 are to help our patients gain trust and comfort so they can get the dental care they need.


Masters Dental Group

7400 Blanco Road, Suite 100

San Antonio, TX 78216


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