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Summer Survival

Make Time for You, Because It’s Your Summer, Too!



By Tracy Ross-Garcia

Photography by Mariana Galvan



Oh yes, it’s here! Summer Break, a much-needed pause in learning for our kids to decompress and have fun! Cue 90’s summer theme music Summer, summer, summertime. Ooooh, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind…. (record screech) Break? Unwind? Who, me? I don’t know about you, but summertime for most moms is not exactly what I would consider a “break.” A time that should be for rest and relaxation just feels like really long, very hot, days of coordinating summer camps, playdates, disrupted sleep schedules, wellness checkups, endless to-do lists, and if you’re lucky, a family vacation (that you will probably need a vacation from).


The reality is, our children tend to demand more of our attention in this season. Raising children is hard work, y’all. Motherhood, though I wouldn’t trade it for the world, is relentless. It’s draining. I said what I said, not up for debate. But guess what? We get it done, often at the expense of caring for ourselves.


Summer has its challenges, but if we are intentional about carving out time to relax and refresh while powering through, those beautiful sun-kissed kiddos will be better humans because of it. Regardless of what stage of motherhood you’re in, here are 3 ways every mom can keep their cup full and recharge this summer.


Daycation, Staycation… “Bae-cation”


We love our kids but having time away is not only healthy, it’s necessary and totally normal. Take a daycation, or day trip, to drive somewhere easily accessible where you can get away from it all. No one calling you mom, interrupting your conversations, no major responsibilities for just a brief moment feels completely recharging. It’s also well deserved. This can be to a nearby winery (as close as Helotes, Spring Branch, and Fredericksburg), bookshop, antique store, or even a day spa near your neighborhood. You can travel solo or invite your best friends.


Treat yourself, and leave the guilt behind.


If it’s within budget, splurge on an overnight getaway at a local hotel or resort, even better, a weekend stay. This may be a good time to call in a favor with a trusted mom friend to do an overnight playdate with the kids while you reconnect and recharge with your bae (or significant other). Of course, be prepared to return the favor. Whether it’s a few hours with friends or a whole night out with your spouse, a little time away makes a big difference.


Move Your Body


Okay, before I lose you on this, I’m not suggesting to start marathon training or hours at the gym, but I strongly believe that movement is medicine. Even twenty minutes of low-impact movement does your mind and body good. Taking a walk around the neighborhood before the kids wake up or a quick yoga flow while they take a bath can do wonders to reduce stress and anxiety. While they splash around in the pool, jump in and take a couple of laps or freestyle some water aerobics, and they can even join in. It’s not so much the fitness, although if the arms look a little more toned in those summer tank tops, I’m here for it. Exercise is a great way to boost your mood, and if you make it a habit, you’ll start to feel you have more energy.


Schedule Downtime

Be mindful about jam-packing your days with activity after activity. Allowing time to unwind is just as important for the kids as it is for you. Journaling, meditation, prayer, and short naps are all healthy ways to recharge mentally and physically. Give yourself space to breathe and gather your thoughts.


Disregard the number of times the kids say, “I’m bored,” and let them figure out for themselves how to utilize their downtime. You might be surprised at how creative they can get. In our fast paced world, downtime improves patience, and I don’t know a mom or child who can’t use a little more of that. Pencil in days this summer where you do absolutely nothing.


I know it’s easier said than done, but prioritizing a break to recharge is critical for moms’ overall well-being. When we take care of ourselves, we can see the positive impact it has on our kids.


That’s a win-win! Remember, it’s not just their summer, it’s your summer too.


What are some things you do to recharge over the summer? We could all use more ideas!




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Tracy Ross-Garcia is a wife, mom of 5, yoga instructor, and lifestyle coach. Her professional background in communications allows her to connect with women to help navigate parts of life that feel overwhelming or unclear. With proven tools and techniques, her clients gain focus and clarity, create success habits, and reach their goals. To connect, visit her website,




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