Private School Education: Finding the Right Fit for Future Success




By Cathleen Lane


The past year brought tremendous change to every part of our lives, including how we look at our children’s education. With so much at stake, it’s vital to find the best fit for our children and our families. Private schools offer a wide range of options, from college-preparatory education to faith-based education to Spanish Immersion programs and programs for students with learning or physical challenges. No doubt, a child’s learning environment has a huge impact on how prepared they are for life. There are so many excellent private schools in and around San Antonio; you are sure to find a school that will help your child thrive and prepare for success in college and life. 


Mission and values

Private schools are traditionally founded on guiding principles, and these core values are woven throughout the school’s curriculum and daily activities. Many Private Schools state their core beliefs on their website and include a discussion of their values during the school tour and application process. 



Private Schools have the flexibility to offer a wide range of course selections so students can pursue unique interests that support their core curriculum. Teachers can create unique learning experiences to fit the class’s needs best and integrate multiple subjects into their lessons. 


Small Class Size

Small class sizes and low student/teacher ratios allow students to have more individual attention from teachers and interaction with other students. In addition, smaller school communities can help parents feel more connected to their child’s education and the school’s faculty and administration. 


Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular programs offer students the opportunity to develop teamwork and become well-rounded leaders. Many private schools offer a variety of opportunities outside the classroom, from Athletics to Fine Arts and Speech & Debate.


Private schools often have a comprehensive application process that usually begins with a school tour and meeting with an admissions director. In addition, most schools offer tuition assistance, scholarships, and grants, so don’t rule out a private school simply because of the costs involved. 


A child’s education is about much more than grades – it’s about developing the character and skills to become a successful adult and a leader in their community. Each child and family is unique; private schools can fit what you are looking for to help your child reach their full potential. 


For more information on the schools in this section, visit:


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Central Catholic High School

Buckner Fanning School at Mission Springs

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